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After a rather embarrassing revelation into how Facebook was using and storing user data, they were quick to react.

Facebook soon announced they would be shifting focus away from fake news and returning to “what made Facebook good in the first place”.

Zuckerberg & co have introduced a new algorithm to show more content from friends and family in user feeds. This is thought to prioritise more “meaningful interactions”. Although this is great news for users, businesses will now find it more difficult for their organic posts to be seen.

Luckily, Facebook has shared some inside secrets with digital marketing agencies to help businesses on Facebook:

1. Focus on comments, not likes
Posts with comments are the most likely to receive priority. Commenting is seen as active engagement and therefore more ‘meaningful’ than passive clicks.

2. A Reaction for every action
Although not as engaging as a comment, a reaction is still valued high. Hitting a ‘Haha’ or ‘Love’ emoji is easier than writing ‘LoL’, but still shows the user had some emotive response to the post. Brand posts will reach more users if they have a good amount of reactions.

3. Reply to all comments
Social media is a great platform to start conversation and receive feedback directly from your customers. So, use it! If a user comments, be sure to leave a positive response. Struggling to get the party started? Ask an employee to make the first comment and your business can reply to get the ball rolling.

4. Share and Engage
According to the new Facebook algorithm, it’s not enough for a post to be shared – the share must be engaged with to be show in other user’s feeds. If a post is shared and receives clicks or further shares, it must be pretty good content!

5. Sharing posts on Messenger
Sharing a post directly to a user on Messenger is more meaningful. Privately shared content is probably more personal than a post shared with all your friends, family, colleagues and people you haven’t spoken to since primary school. This is an ‘active’ engagement metric worth considering when creating content.

It is now more important than ever for businesses to create high quality content your users wish to share and engage with. With the limitation of organic posts, social media advertising may be more beneficial for your business.

Contact your social media agency to learn more about how social advertising services can help you generate leads today.

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