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User experience (UX) design simply means creating an easy to use and pleasing experience for a product or service.

This process is important because a seamless UX definitely helps to keep your visitors or users coming back. Therefore, working with an experienced UX designer will most probably increase your traffic and revenue.

To help you to choose the best experts, we have listed top UX design agencies in London:

  1. Tangent
  2. Crowdform
  3. Dept Agency
  4. Crowd
  5. The Charles
  6. Propeller
  7. Sherpa
  8. Series Eight
  9. Distinction
  10. Cello Signal
  11. Fifteen

Now, let’s learn more about these London-located UX agencies and their successful works.

Finding the top UX design agencies

UX design is a multidisciplinary and exciting field that is developing constantly. So, professionals who work in this field need to have a highly diverse skillset.  

A well-designed user interface is mandatory for a website, mobile app or software. However, there are a lot of great UX agencies in London. Therefore, choosing the best one for your needs might be difficult.

Below, you’ll find some experienced digital marketing agencies in London with great portfolios. Keep reading for more details about the top UX design agencies!

is an independent digital customer experience studio. They help clients to
navigate the digital landscape and better serve their customers. The
London-based agency works with both startups and large enterprises such as Sky,
PepsiCo, SAP and The Labour Party.

The digital intelligence platform Decibel wanted to have a consistent customer experience. There were various on- and off-line channels were creating an incoherent experience. Hence, the company wanted to benefit from Tangent’s services.

The London-based agency completely re-imagined Decibel’s online platform. They added new elements, such as interactive infographics to create a compelling web experience. Moreover, the agency revised forms and user journeys that make every process on the platform part of the same cohesive experience, even when translated for mobile.

Crowdform is a digital product and venture activation studio. They create innovative platforms, apps and websites for startups and global brands. While working across different platforms and industries, they focus on the interplay between design, technology and user behaviour.

AndCo is an app that is turning venues into flexible coworking spaces available to anyone. Crowdform built the full platform for the company. Besides, they provided data analysis and digital marketing support.


Dept is an international digital agency with 1200 experienced thinkers & makers. They unite creativity, technology and data to help clients reinvent and accelerate their digital reality.

Etos is an awarded drugstore in the Netherlands. They worked with Dept Agency to build an online shopping platform. In a very short time, this collaboration managed to set up a user-friendly webshop.


Their new website of Etos proves that attractive design, a fantastic user experience, conversion and SEO go hand in hand.

is a global creative agency with 12 offices worldwide. They provide services to
grow audience, sales and brand awareness of their clients.

The event technical and staging solutions company Protec wanted Crowd’s support to revamp their new website. The Middle East-based company wanted a full digital transformation that streamlines their marketing processes.

Protec’s new website exhibits strong call-to-actions, seamless integrations as well as animations and transitions to add to flawless user experience. Furthermore, Crowd created international opportunities by duplicating the website to use for their European offering.

The Charles is a full-service creative agency focused on strategic campaigns, brand storytelling and digital experiences. They mostly work with lifestyle, luxury, finance, media and technology brands.

They partnered with Wall Street Journal Custom Studios to create a digital experience that pushes the boundaries of native advertising. Inspired by the popular Netflix series “Narcos”, the Charles incorporated new Web GL technology in order to create the illusion of particles that readers could interact with. They used content flip cards to enforce the idea of connectivity of the drug trade to the rest of the world.

The project won several prestigious industry awards
including a Webby Award, two D&AD Pencils, and a Cannes Lion.

Propeller is a full-service digital agency with a team of digital agency specialists who are diligent project managers, UX experts and conversion masterminds.

Propeller’s collaboration with Rockliffe Hall and Spa is an example of their successful user experience projects. They created a first-of-its-kind booking system for the company, which makes it easy to book hotel, spa and golf packages in one transaction.

The agency’s goal was to give insight into what it’s like to spend time at the exclusive venue. To achieve this, they created animated cinemagraphs and engaging imagery on every prominent page. So, now it’s easy to imagine your own stay at the hotel.


The client also loved the digital experience they created. The Resort Revenue Manager said: “Within the first three months of launching our online bookings rocketed an incredible 127% for rooms business booked online compared to the same period the previous year with our old system and website.”

Sherpa is an Istanbul & London based digital design studio, focusing on user experience design.

Monitera was unhappy
about not being able to reflect the brand to the users correctly due to the
outdated content on their website. So, the company collaborated with Sherpa to
redesign their website from scratch, while implementing a new digital storytelling

Sherpa’s goal was creating better content within better information architecture. They created a content map and then used them on a clean interface that they built.


Award-winning Series Eight is a digital product studio, specialising in UX, UI design, branding and front-end development.

The insurance technology platform Trōv hired the agency to implement a more immersive and informative experience for the platform’s users. Series Eight has been supporting Trōv on UX, UI and front end development for a few years.


The agency built the brand’s full marketing website onto Craft 3 CMS for its robust flexibility and created an entirely interactive homepage experience.

Distinction is a
strategy-led digital agency, with a growing reputation for delivering
award-winning integrated digital campaigns.

Recorded Books
approached Distinction to provide them and their two sister companies a digital

This transformation has allowed these companies to provide customers with tailored user experience. So, users can now find what they need so they can purchase products easily.


Furthermore, in the
first two weeks since the launch of the website, sales exceeded the highest
month in the previous 12 months.

Signal is a full-service digital & CRM agency with offices in Edinburgh, Cheltenham and London. They use data, code and creativity to help large organisations solve complex marketing problems.

The popular global restaurant chain Nando and Signal have been working together for 10 years. Cello Signal created a completely new experience for their website, mobile apps and loyalty programme. They improved usability and accessibility for the brand’s customers. As a result, they produced an enticing and satisfying online experience.

Fifteen is an award-winning and a client-focused digital agency specialising in website design, website development, SEO, digital marketing and creative.

Stormclad – the East
Midlands leading home improvements company needed a whole new website design
and build. They also wanted supporting digital marketing to boost the
visibility and performance of the website overall.


Fifteen prioritised which pages and user flows that were going to satisfy the users the most. They focused on creating an engaging online journey for visitors. Moreover, Fifteen included beautiful imagery to the site to represent the brand’s quality. They also kept the design simple, in order to keep the site progressing and up to date.

User experience design is not a simple job. Also, it is highly beneficial to both your company and your visitors/users. So, it’s best to examine the agencies, their works and the feedback from their customers closely before starting to work with them.

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