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Social media marketing agencies are among the essential business partners of companies. Having connected the world in many aspects since the 1990s, social media eventually has become an inevitable resort for the businesses.

Social media marketing basically includes publishing content on your social media profiles, running social media advertisements, engaging your followers, and analyzing your results. It is a significant way to connect with your audience.

Turning the internet into a marketing tool is a valuable
ability as the internet helps small or medium-sized businesses to make their
voices heard. Social media agencies are needed for you to build your brand,
drive your website traffic, and increase your sales.

Social Media Marketing Agencies in New York

Cooperating with a successful team will make your business visible in your sector. In this article, we have prepared a selection of the best social media marketing agencies in New York to help you find the most suitable agency for you. These teams’ focus areas may vary. So make sure you are in contact with whom you need among Facebook agencies, Instagram agencies, or those providing integrated service.

It is well known that New York occupies a notable place in the world in many aspects. The city is quite popular in entertainment, technology, education, politics, tourism, art, and sports. New York is described as the cultural, financial, and media capital of the world. As the city provides the commercial environment to engage many sectors mentioned above, the digital marketing sector is one of the most vibrant in New York.

nustream agency

NuStream is a digital marketing agency, established in 2010. With three locations in the Tri-State area, the team is very productive. They are actively working to provide various services, from video production to website design regardless of the size of the customer’s project.

NuStream helps the companies build a personalized online marketing solution. It improves the search engine through optimization or pay-per-click services. It also runs a company blog or increases visibility on Facebook or LinkedIn. The company is successful in developing cost-effective marketing strategies for businesses that want to grow.

blue fountain media social media

A digital marketing agency based on New York City that provides
website development and online marketing strategies, Blue Fountain Media, says
“Digital empowers people”. It serves that goal well through new
experiences that combine imagination and technology in new ways.

A case study that demonstrates the agency’s excellence is New York University. The university looked for Blue Fountain Media to develop an engaging and easily navigable homepage. The agency provided intelligent media integration with human-centric design. The resulting website design strengthened the brand of this world-class research university.

crafted social media agencies

Crafted is a creative agency focused on content marketing,
brand storytelling, video, branding, website design, and web development. It is
a full-service agency dedicated to providing digital marketing services that
create identities, build brands, and drive interactions.

Along with businesses from various sectors, the NBA League Pass is among the customers of Crafted. The team redesigned the global League Pass website and launched supporting creative campaigns. The work has helped subscriptions increase, and the viewers of the basketball games boost throughout the NBA season.

flightpath agency

The agency was founded in 1994 under a different name in the early era of internet service and technology. It focused primarily on website production. In 2007, it transitioned to a full-service digital agency under the name Flightpath. Thanks to their experience, the agency holds many awards and honours such as the Interactive Media Awards, W3 Awards, and the Communicator Awards.

Flightpath has worked with clients such as Goya Foods, Sherwin-Williams, Showtime, BMW and Newsday. In the case of Goya Foods, Flightpath planned to increase brand visibility. The team provided the company with a creative digital movement that emphasizes Goya’s legacy of food and culture. The result is a fun, informative and engaging website that has its organic traffic 345% increased.

digital silk nyc

Digital Silk is a creative digital agency headquartered in
Miami, with offices in New York and Milan. The agency offers high-end digital
solutions, from specialized digital marketing services to web, app, and
software design and development.

IBM wanted to refresh its industry-specific marketing communications by launching 200 micro websites in Europe. The technology giant trusted Digital Silk to streamline the adoption process. Digital Silk’s team of experts helped the local teams solve their problems. They also created a localization guide for local teams to follow standards. Eventually, the websites were localized successfully, and organic traffic was increased.

major tom social media marketing

Major Tom is a full-service digital agency that has offices
in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver since 2000. It consists of a team of
industry-leading specialists gathered from various parts of the globe. The team
says that “We humanize modern marketing, cutting through the noise to bring
clarity to our clients.”

New York-based tourism agency THE RIDE was one of these clients that approached Major Tom to raise brand recognition. The agency built a first-class website that focused on user experience and robust search engine optimization. They also initiated marketing and social media campaigns. The campaign resulted in fantastic results, and THE RIDE surpassed digitally attributed revenue targets by 32%.

the charles social media

The Charles is a creative digital agency with offices in NYC, London, and Chicago. They provide service in brand strategy, brand identity design, graphic design, content creation and production, website design and e-commerce development, and more. The agency usually works with the luxury lifestyle, real estate, hospitality, fashion, and media brands.

The agency partnered with companies such as Bloomberg Media, Cartier, JDS Development Group, Politico, Sixty Hotels and the Wall Street Journal. Case studies include the project with World Bicycle Relief. The Charles designed an outstanding website using storytelling to spread the WBR community’s powerful message and increase donations.

How to choose your social media marketing agencies

In today’s marketplace, competition is quite aggressive. However, with the help of a social media marketing agency that satisfies your needs, it is not hard to stand out from the crowd. To find the best social media marketing agencies in New York, you can visit their websites to inspect their impressive case studies further.

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