PPC marketing, also referred to as Google advertising or search engine advertising can help you drive traffic to your website.

Creating a successful PPC campaign requires a comprehensive strategy and planning. An experienced PPC marketing agency can help you achieve your goals or create a target with collaborative work.

Best 10 PPC Marketing Agencies in London

You can see the top 10 PPC marketing agencies in London in the list below. You can partner with a PPC marketing agency to build successful PPC campaigns, taking the necessary steps to get proven results.

1. Impression

As a multi-award-winning digital agency, Impression specializes in generating high-performance campaigns across SEO, PPC, digital PR, CRO and web design.

Moreover, they target long-term results instead of quick wins. Therefore, they can manage to use existing digital marketing technologies with forward-thinking approaches. They might be the perfect agency for you if your eyes are on the future. You can collaborate with them to get data-driven insights to reach high-performance campaigns.

In their portfolio, they have a great example of successful PPC campaigns. A sustainable construction company Envirobuild approached them aiming to increase PPC conversions and meeting a target CPA. The result was satisfying. PPC conversions increased 425.9% and CPA became £36.02. Finally, the environmental construction company achieved 426% increase in website conversions.


2. Croud

Croud specializes in PPC, SEO, content, paid social, programmatic, shopping and feeds, data and insights. They are an award-winning global digital agency that was founded in 2011. As one of the largest independent digital agencies, they have 192 staff, and 2,300 experts with offices across the US, UK, and Australia.

They can automate the tasks thanks to their unique ‘Croud Control’ technology platform and network of 2,300 ‘Croudies’. So, you can deliver more impactful results if you decide to partner with them as your PPC marketing agency.

The world’s leading brands like Virgin Trains, AMC Networks and IWG have chosen them as their digital agency. Regarding this, you can be working with a reputable agency that has a great portfolio as well.

3. Fifty Five and Five

London-based digital marketing agency Fifty Five and Five helps you reach new audiences and drive leads.

They consist of an ever-growing team of skilled writers, SEO wizards, top-shelf designers, animators, and expert data analysts. As an advantage of having a team qualified in multiple areas, you can be sure that your marketing will be covered as a whole.

They are a leading B2B marketing agency that focuses on technology and IT companies. Providing services as experts in the field, they combine their professionalism with marketing experience. Meanwhile, they can enable their clients to reach specialized marketing services.

They can perform many services according to your needs. They can be the PPC marketing agency that understands your sector and your customers. As an advantage, you can expect rapid growth in your brand exposure when they take care of pay per click well.

4. Mayple

Mayple helps your business grow by assuring your digital marketing budget is invested in the right places. They can look after your marketing interests and let you get great service constantly.

Mayple comprises of experienced marketers and technology professionals. They aim to protect their customers’ interests. Furthermore, their fresh approach helps businesses reach better value with their digital marketing efforts.

They match businesses with digital marketing professionals, meeting their unique needs. During the process, you will have a personal Maypler to guide you and enable you to have a strategy that has everything your project needs. So, in this way, you can get the right service for your business.

5. Digital Uncut

Digital marketing agency Digital Uncut enables startups to fast forward their growth. Specialized in working with startups and scaleups, they can act quickly and deliver precise commercial results as quickly as it can be.

The award-winning digital agency finds PPC and SEO crucial and believes that its efficiency drive growth. So, they can ensure that PPC helps your business grow by creating the right strategy.

After 5 months working with hiyacar for their PPC & SEO campaigns, their Google CPA has fallen 85% and their total number of monthly booking requests increased 686%. They managed to track several high-value qualified leads to their platform with PPC campaigns.


6. Click Consult

Digital and search marketing agency Click Consult specializes in SEO, PPC, CRO, social & content marketing. As a multi-award-winning agency, they focus on SEO and PPC.

Following the growing years, they focused on paid search marketing and expanded into organic search. Working with big-name clients and multiple award wins, they can be a great choice for your PPC marketing strategies.

South West Trains reached them to boost conversions and lower costs for their PPC account. They started by getting to know the business with its overall marketing objectives. After identifying South West Trains, they aimed to build a strategy. Finally, they produced some impressive results. Some of the notable achievements of the campaign were 190% increase in conversions and 155% in clicks.

7. Aumcore

Global digital marketing agency Aumcore has full service in interactive marketing helping brands to reach the right customers.

They can leverage pay per click marketing services helping your website or campaign move forward. While managing your ad campaigns, they can maximize the return on your investment by increasing leads, traffic to your site.

QSpex partnered with them to connect new customers while producing media optimized for the highest targeted impressions. They launched a newly designed microsite with geo-targeting. As a consequence, the marketing campaign reached 11.5+ million impressions combined.

8. Fifteen Design

Award-winning digital agency Fifteen Design focuses on website design, website development, SEO, PPC, digital marketing and creative. As a driven agency with offices in Nottingham and London, they can help you grow your business or organization with creative solutions.

You can maintain a collaborative partnership with them because they believe togetherness is a core aspect of their work. So, they can fully understand your goals and help you achieve successful results.

They use the most cost-effective digital marketing ads to reach a maximized return on investment. Their PPC team can support you in the best way with data analysis and creative thinking. Therefore, by letting them manage your PPC marketing, you can be sure to get the expected result.

9. Elevate UK

Elevate UK is a digital marketing agency specializing in PPC, SEO, AdWords, Facebook and website services. They comprise of experts who can work collaboratively with you and help you with everything you need.

Their main aim is to manage all your campaigns with professionals of PPC management. They can create solutions to unique businesses that have the enthusiasm to be leaders in their market. If you partner with them, they will provide you with a deep understanding of analytics data and advanced strategies.

Worldwide company DNV GL recruited Elevate UK to improve the performance of its Google paid search marketing. They aimed to target a threefold increase in quote request leads with no loss in the number of other enquiries. In the end, they reached 110% increase in leads and 178% improvement in quote requests in 60 days.

10. SEO Works

Award-winning digital agency SEO Works is a provider of digital marketing & websites for prospering SMEs & leading brands. They aim to get clients more customers.

Along with helping businesses measure, understand and fulfill their online potential, they provide professional PPC, web and SEO services to increase online visibility.

They can help you measure and maximize your online potential with an expert team of content managers, techies, authors, and experienced online marketers.

They are a certified Google Partner for Google Adwords (PPC), search, display, shopping, mobile and video. So, you can get comprehensive professional search advertising and SEO services, delivering top-quality results.

You can choose the right partner among our list of top 10 PPC marketing agencies in London. Also, you can check out digital marketing agencies in London with a range of services.

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