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LinkedIn is a powerful network for lead generation. It’s the most popular social media channel for reaching your prospects. Therefore, especially B2B companies need to use it effectively.

We listed the best LinkedIn marketing agencies in the USA below. Even you decide to work with one of the best ones, you should know what you can do on LinkedIn and what your strategy will be. Most of the B2B companies are using the platform for lead generation, but if you contact agencies with more specific needs and a clear plan, you will get better results.

Best LinkedIn Agencies in the USA

LinkedIn agencies on the list have years-long and proven experience on social media. We also consider their portfolios, case studies, or other services that can be connected with getting successful results on LinkedIn.


Crowd is an independent global creative agency born in 2012 with offices reaching from San Francisco and London to Dubai and Shenzhen. They’re working for growing their client’s audience, sales and brand awareness.


They worked with some famous brands for various social media campaigns, including Adidas and Fujifilm. Their partnership with IP Global, a real estate company, directly includes efforts on LinkedIn.

They chose to advertise on LinkedIn to target people based on professional interests and salary. At the same time, PPC allowed them to have a presence in front of people, specifically looking for property investment opportunities. Their campaign has generated over 150 registered leads on the landing page in the first three months.


RNO1 is a full-service digital marketing agency with multiple offices in the USA. Their expertise on social media and PPC campaigns in both making them a great candidate to being your next LinkedIn agency.


Also, they are offering a new type of agency-company collaboration, named REVOLVE. With REVOLVE, your brand purchases a block of hours for a variety of shifting needs that fuel rapid growth. So processes are much faster with this innovative subscription-based model, and there are only 30-day commitments.

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media wants you to demand more from your website. The full-service agency has exceptional know-how for digital marketing. So they merge imagination and technology to help brands grow in an age of digital transformation.


Their data-driven approach will help you to get desired results from LinkedIn. Data gives insights into your audience and your content. Mainly when you decide to use LinkedIn ads, you should focus on data. So the award-winning agency claims: “When things are going well, data keeps your business on the right course. But if data points your business in a new direction, only those who can adjust quickly will prevent a brand from going adrift.”


VRRB is a digital agency, driven to build better brands, products, and experiences. Understanding your brand, users, and goals are very critical for them. They feature their web design and graphic design capabilities on their website. So if you need a unique approach on LinkedIn with stylish images, VRRB can be the right address for you.


The award-winning digital agency can help you to generate new leads from LinkedIn. Besides, they mentioned about their expertise on launch strategies. Therefore, if you are at an early stage, you can collaborate more comprehensively.

Advantix Digital

Advantix Digital’s mission is to be an innovative performance-driven digital leader that partners with clients to cultivate their brand story and deliver exceptional results.


The agency can generate you perfect results on social media, including LinkedIn. Their process includes six steps, such as: Brand Analysis, Competitor Comparison, Create Organic Content, Social Listening, Build Trust, Test & Learn and they expand these steps with advertisements if the brand requests it.

Digital Silk

Digital Silk is a creative digital agency focusing on growing brands online. Their online marketing tactics are specialized in the unique needs of your audience and objectives. Their approach points to increase conversion rate, user engagement and ROI.

They give an example from their partnership with XEROX on their website. Only in 6 months, they achieved remarkable achievement with their marketing efforts. It’s an excellent example for encouraging B2B companies to work with Digital Silk.


The agency partners with brands to create superior experiences. Your company can be one of them for LinkedIn.


BSTRO is skilled at helping brands to figure out the right tone for social media platforms, and at working within brand, style and legal guidelines to create content that resonates with your audience.


In addition, BSTRO knows that brands need an active social presence to amplify their marketing efforts – and to connect with their customers. The agency helps clients create and execute killer social media strategies to tell their stories and support their goals. With a data-driven approach, they perfectly fit for being your next LinkedIn agency.

Why work with an agency for LinkedIn marketing?

It’s necessary to explain the details of how an agency can improve your efforts on LinkedIn with the right strategy. First of all, they need to know what you want exactly. 

  • Reflecting the right tone of voice of your company
  • Creating a plan for LinkedIn posts, timings of these posts and frequency
  • Using the budget for LinkedIn ads effectively
  • Increasing leads from the platform

These bullet points basically explain what you can get from a digital agency for LinkedIn. So why you need support to do these things?

LinkedIn marketing strategy should be differentiated from your other social media platforms because it’s impossible to stand out from the crowd by using the platform just as another social media channel. The progress on the platform is connected with your content marketing strategy too. If your articles are comprehensive and if you’re good on B2B content marketing, engagement on your posts will rise.

Possibly, one of the reasons you want to work with a LinkedIn agency is ads. So how can a LinkedIn agency help at that point? They can set up your campaign, manage your budget, suggest the right ad formats, and make an estimation for what to expect from the campaign. So you don’t have to spend time on all these details. However, if you know how the LinkedIn ads are working, your partnership with your agency LinkedIn agency will be more beneficial.

Creating A LinkedIn Ad Campaign

LinkedIn ads are needed if you want to increase your brand awareness and to get more leads from the platform. The cost of advertisements can be a bit more expensive, comparing other social media platforms. However, B2B companies can certainly get more from LinkedIn ads. Because your target audience is just there.

There are various options for advertising on LinkedIn:

  • Sponsored content
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Text ads
  • Dynamic ads

Let’s explain these different ad types briefly. Sponsored content is promoted LinkedIn posts just like on Facebook. Users view these ads on their news feed. It can include an image, video or a carousel. Mostly the aim of this ad format is engagement.

You can deliver your messages to your target audience inbox on LinkedIn with sponsored InMail. It’s a unique ad type of LinkedIn, and you can make a difference for your company with the right LinkedIn agency touch. According to LinkedIn, these ads are more effective than email marketing for conversion.

Text ads are visible in the sidebar and top banner. It’s close to how Google ads are looking. There are only a headline and a short description. It’s measured by cost per impression or pay per click.

Do you want to reach your prospects at the right place and right time as a B2B company? Focus on your LinkedIn account. With a professional approach from a LinkedIn agency, you can reach your goals faster.

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