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Agencies and brands can improve their social media management efforts, gain more followers and engagement with the great Instagram tools.

Instagram is an extremely popular photo sharing application that companies are taking notice off. One of the biggest challenges in Instagram marketing is figuring out how to manage your Instagram account effectively. Using the right Instagram tools for business can save you time and money, and can actually make you a better marketer.

If you use Instagram as a marketing platform, you will not only want to see how it affects your overall online marketing strategy and other business data with Instagram tools, but you will also want to find a better way to manage it beyond your mobile device.

Here are 10 great Instagram tools to help you manage Instagram accounts, engage with followers, improve your business and much more.


Canva is one of the most useful tools you can have if you like -or dislike- graphic design, because it’s super-easy to use. Founded in 2012, Canva is a free tool targeted at both beginners and professionals. With its simplicity, it has an easy interface and access over a million photographs, fonts, graphics and more design elements.

To help its users, Canva has its own page Design School on the website to use the features of the tool more effectively and create custom projects.



Busy marketers will appreciate PromoRepublic content ideas, premade templates to use for holiday promos or giveaways, and the ability to customize them with easy-to-use Graphics Editor.

Also, PromoRepublic’s Smart Posting will save users hours because of the help of the AI system that creates a personal posting schedule. It picks the best time to post based on users’ time, business and audience.

With Social Monitoring by PromoRepublic, users can monitor mentions and specific hashtags. They’ll be able to see who mentioned and respond to any message on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



Iconosquare is an Instagram management tool that allows marketers to manage conversations, customize how they view feed, analyze which photos are resonating with the audience, optimize photos and much more.

With Iconosquare, users can get total number of likes received, most liked photos ever, average number of likes and comments per photo, follower growth charts and more advanced analytics.

Users can also use Inconosquare to promote Instagram account outside of the platform. Iconosquare enables users to engage audience with photo and video contests.



With the tagline ‘Instagram Web Viewer’, Websta allows Instagram users access their accounts on their personal computers.

On Websta, users are able to access most of the features found on the Instagram app such as commenting and liking. The platform also gives the ability to organize posts, subscribe to users, get statistics for account and share posts and hashtag pages on social media, send messages and more.



Crowdfire gives businesses and marketers an easy way to find inactive followers and ‘unfollowers’. Moreover, it helps them find relevant users to follow and keep track of how social media updates affect their follower and unfollower stats.



TakeOff gives users the ability to schedule Instagram posts for the convenient times. Rather than posting at random intervals, this tool will show users exactly when their followers will see their posts. TakeOff also analyzes photo captions to suggest relevant, high discovery hashtags.

Users can boost their Instagram with more likes, comments, exposure and popularity. Clients and team members who work together can be added to TakeOff.

You can download the TakeOff app from Google Play and iTunes.



SnapWidget is one of the most popular Instagram Widget that allows users to quickly and easily embed a photo gallery in their website or blog. This can be in the form of a grid layout widget, slideshow or photo map that gives users the ability to explore the places on Instagram.

To add SnapWidget to a website or blog, Instagram username or a hashtag can be used to generate the widget. SnapWidget will automatically pull the latest photos from users’ account or hashtag every 30 minutes.



Repost lets users easily repost photos on Instagram, while giving credit to the original poster. The app finds photos you liked and easily repost it. It also lets them see which photos and users are getting the most reposts, as well as allowing them to search for relevant users, tags and contests.


Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a free Instagram user report tool that lets users to know how effectively their business is using Instagram and engaging on on the platform. It shows which photos are working best and how the performance trending is.

Users can download Simply Measured report to analyze all the raw data and play around with all of the charts and graphics.



One of the latest and popular Instagram tools for business and marketers is Unfold, a toolkit for storytellers.

The app lets users create engaging stories for Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook with a collection of 25 minimal, elegant, easy-to-use print-media inspired templates.

Using Unfold, marketers can preview their stories and export their pages as single images to share them on other social channels.



SkedSocial is for social media managers who need an easier way to manage Instagram for their clients and business. The tool features web uploading, scheduling, and supports multiple accounts. This tool allows Instagram marketers to easily post or schedule from their desktop to Instagram.

After uploading images or videos to be posted to Instagram account users can crop, add filters or text or rotate images. Users can choose to post them immediately or schedule them for any time in the future using its simple interface.


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