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Building an excellent branding strategy is a critical need for businesses. Well, as it requires experience, you can start looking for professionals to create and generate your strategy.

What Does a Brand Strategy Include?

Brand strategy is a process that affects your brand in a long-term period. If you want to achieve explicit goals, you can create a plan for the development of your brand. First of all, you need a well-defined brand strategy that has an impact on all aspects of your business. In this way, it is possible to meet customer needs in such a competitive environment.

It’s a journey that you have to start from the beginning. As long as you set your goals in the beginning, you can benefit from your strategic branding efforts.

However, you can ask yourself questions, such as “What is the importance of building a powerful brand strategy?” and “What does a brand strategy mean for my business?”.

In order to get the right answers, you can work with a branding agency that has achieved great results with the best strategies.

Best Branding Agencies in Chicago

Here is a list of top branding agencies in Chicago who can create excellent strategies for your business:

  • Blue Fountain Media
  • Magnani
  • Bookmark
  • Mabbly
  • Method Engine
  • Cubicle Ninjas

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media is a digital agency that creates human-centric experiences, crafting imagination and technology. In this way, they can help brands move from now to next.

Besides leveraging data and the potential of digital, they also have expertise in website design and development, integrated marketing solutions and branding. By turning insights into vision, they aim to help brands find their way forward.

They have over 15 years of experience in transforming brands. So, they can understand well how companies find success and build loyalty in digital. If you decide to partner with them, they can provide the strategic leadership that you need to discover and renew your identity correlated with today’s marketplace.



Magnani is an experienced design and strategy firm that crafts customer and employee experiences. They have been making it easier for marketers to deliver the most effective and engaging brand experiences since 1985.

By embracing consumers as heroes in their stories, they can develop a deeper understanding and empathy. Thus, they aim to communicate a more compelling vision of how to solve the challenges.

They can help you unleash your brand’s potential — through every channel and customer interaction. And accordingly, they can create great ideas for your brand strategy.


Bookmark is a global content and communications company with experts at engaging consumers, driving sales and transforming brands.

Likewise, as a full-service global marketing company, they can drive sales and transform brands while engaging consumers.

You can also see their successful case studies with powerful brand strategies on their website. What’s more, you can also benefit from their global services including content marketing, digital marketing, CRM, consumer insights and data visualization, magazine publishing, PR, experiential and media sales.


Mabbly is a transformative agency partner with a creative spark. Moreover, they are Chicago’s premier full-service integrated marketing and advertising agency. They provide services from marketing strategy and web experience to lead generation.

They believe that understanding people is important while building and executing a brand strategy. Therefore, it has effects on all aspects of a business and is related to an audience’s needs, emotions and options.

They comprise of inspired thinkers who stand up for progress by imagining a whole new world and challenging the status quo. By bringing together strategists, data scientists, PhD’s and developers, they can develop and execute a brand strategy for your business.


Method Engine

Method Engine is a full-service digital agency that specializes in digital strategy & research, interactive design & development, digital advertising, SEM, SEO, display, brand & design.

With these various services, they can help you build your brand and connect with your audience in an effective way. Plus, they have an experienced team who can focus on your business and marketing objectives.

According to your needs, customer research, market realities and the possibilities of design, content, and technology, they can create a strong strategy for you.

Cubicle Ninjas

As a full-service creative design agency, Cubicle Ninjas transforms ideas into effective campaigns for the world’s greatest brands. From the Fortune 500 to start-ups, non-profits, and mid-sized firms, they craft intuitive and emotionally impactful work.

By starting with a comprehensive conversation, they aim to discover your unique perspective and goals.

After you collaborate with them, you can build trust, grow and gain actionable insights with the help of their market strategists and brand consultants.


NEXT/NOW is a creative technology agency that provides fully immersive event and brand experiences. Also, they produce next-generation digital/physical experiences for world-class brands.

Award-winning agency NEXT/NOW, create recognizable moments of connection between people and organizations by using natural user interfaces, gesture and motion interactivity, innovative display concepts, and breakthrough technology.


Moreover, they focus on developing new approaches to existing challenges providing an aura of innovation. You can get a creative point of view from them while building a brand strategy.

How Can You Have a Consistent Branding Strategy?

Even if building a strong brand strategy is important, you should also be sure if you can achieve your goals eventually. A reachable success can lead you to maintain your goal along with your business.

In order to maintain a successful brand strategy, you should also consider brand sentiment as one of the main metrics. Think of your brand strategy as a story of your business because story matters and motivates your consumers. By creating a message evoking emotion and action, you can inspire loyalty.

In addition, don’t forget your target market research too. Analyze with your partnered agency in detail to learn where your audience is.

After all, consistency is one of the most important matters for your brand recognition. So, you can think of a branding agency who provides a long-term partnership that can let you have all you need during the branding strategy process.

Hereby, we have listed the top branding agencies in Chicago that have excellent strategies. If you haven’t made a decision yet, you can also see our list of the best digital agencies in Chicago.

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