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Amazon is the center of B2C e-commerce around the world. The rank of your product in one of the popular searches on Amazon is the difference between becoming rich or getting bankrupted. Therefore, if you believe your product has high potential, the best Amazon marketing agencies can really help you grow your business. 

Let’s start with a few stats about Amazon.

  • Net sales of Amazon in 2018 equal to 232bn USD, which was 50bn more than net sales of 2017.
  • In Dec 2018, total visits of, including desktop and mobile visits, were almost 3 billion. It was the highest monthly session for 2018 because of Christmas. 
  • 57% of Amazon customers selected product reviews as the most important factor driving them to purchase decisions. 
  • 58.7 million households have Amazon Prime subscription in the United States, which is expected to grow to 71.7 million in 2021.

Amazon Marketing for Businesses

Amazon is the most popular, so naturally, the most competitive e-commerce platform. Nobody can expect big profits by just putting their products on Amazon in 2020. The only exception will be if you create a product, and thousands of people search for it with its name (as they do for an iPhone)

Best Amazon Marketing & PPC Agencies

Major Tom

Major Tom combines top-level strategy you’d find at an established consultancy with the implementation and technological capabilities you’d find at a leading agency. They humanize modern marketing, cutting through the noise to bring clarity to their clients. They have excellent know-how about marketing in e-commerce platforms. With offices in New York, Vancouver, and Toronto, the agency is ready to help your business increase sales on Amazon.



RNO1 teamed up with the Amazon Solution Provider Network as a preferred Branding Provider to help fuel Amazon Global brands.

They’re embracers of change. When they drive the change, a brand can connect with its audience, captivate the hearts and minds of customers, and convert cross-channel. The creative-minded agency waits for their new customers for “making waves”



WEBITMD is a full-funnel Growth Marketing + Sales Agency with offices in Los Angeles, New York City & Dallas. Founded in 2008, their mission has been to deliver a customized yet engineered approach to business growth that combines strategy & creative with data & technology.


They offer transparent results driven paid search management executed by their award-winning PPC team. The agency’s paid media strategy is based on conversion data and the client’s goals. It’s measurable, effective, and scalable.

Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is a pioneer in Amazon and has a suite of marketing services to enhance your Amazon sales.

If you are looking for Amazon SEO, assistance with Amazon product management or someone to manage your Amazon advertising, you can get what you need from them. The agency is located in San Diego.

Bulldog Digital Media

Whether your online store is a long established brand or a fresh new start-up that’s ready to do some serious disrupting, with the help of UK based Bulldog Digital Media Amazon SEO puts your products right in front of customers that are ready to buy.


Their service for Amazon is not limited to SEO efforts. Bulldog Digital Media is ready to help you for PPC advertisements too. They are confident that the agency experts can deliver you robust, long-term strategies that’ll gain you the results you deserve.

Search & Gather

Search & Gather is a digital agency that helps start-ups in Canada grow. They are an agile team that thrive on the challenge of developing digital strategies that succeed.  

PPC management is one of the agency’s most popular services . So, if you are a Canadian brand that wishes to step up your efforts in e-commerce, Search & Gather can be the right Amazon PPC agency for you. They start by sitting down with you to listen to what you have tried and discuss your KPIs & goals. This approach allows them to develop pay-per-click strategies tailored to your business objectives.

CSI Media

CSI Media is an award-winning digital agency based in the UK which delivers world-class solutions tailored to meet your requirements. The Drum Recommended Agency, which has been recognized as a Leading Design & Creative Agency, can help you increase your ROI in Amazon. They can build an integrated campaign which involves the incorporation of multiple marketing techniques.

Venture Forge

Venture Forge offers a full strategic service helping you to understand what opportunity Amazon presents, what role it can play in your business and exactly how to implement it. London based agency’s service here covers all aspects of ongoing Amazon management from listing creation, ranking optimisation, conversion optimisation, reviews, advertising and stock management for Amazon Prime. All with one thing in mind – sales generation.


Benefits of Working With an Amazon Marketing Agency

We want to divide Amazon marketing efforts to two sections. First, we will analyze how you can get benefit from agencies without using advertisements. Then we will focus on the pay-per-click ads of Amazon.

Get More Leads to Your Product Page

Amazon is a search engine, where you compete with other businesses to get higher rankings. It’s a straightforward game: If you rank higher, you can get more clicks. Unfortunately, it’s much harder than writing this sentence.

Amazon marketing agencies can help you target the right keywords and optimize your product page copy to get higher rankings. It’s not so different than creating an SEO strategy for Google. 

Maybe your product photo isn’t catchy enough. An experienced agency can guide you on how to make your product photo better than your competitors.

Convert Leads to Customers

Conversion rate is the most crucial metric from your product page. Even if you get leads to your product page, if you can’t convert them, you have no business.


Your product page is the last step before the prospect becomes a customer, but if you’re not selling a very cheap product, nobody gives their decision very quickly. They will read your copy, check the product photos, and browse the customer reviews. Amazon marketing agencies can provide you the game-changer insights about your page, and they can make it better.

Manage Reviews of your Customers

It’s more about the product than the marketing, but of course, there are some tips to receive better reviews, and these reviews will help you with both bullet points above.Review management is a critical area for your Amazon marketing strategy.

Reviews influence purchase decisions. So that 57% of Amazon customers stated product reviews as the most important factor of their purchase decisions. It’s definitely crucial for your rankings too. Did you ever see a product with terrible reviews at the top? Therefore, you should take the reviews very seriously, although the management process is a really time-consuming task which you can outsource to an Amazon marketing agency.

What to expect from Amazon PPC Agencies? 

If you pay less than you spend for your product, you have a profitable business, so if you can optimize your paid Amazon marketing strategy with an experienced agency, you have an excellent chance to increase your ROI.

According to the research about Amazon ads, the average CPC on Amazon PPC ads is $0.97. With your Amazon marketing agency, your target will be to make your CPC lower. However, the product type affects this metric, it’s helpful to remember the average.

Okay, but what should be your conversion rate after these clicks? (Conversion rate means converted sales percentage of your clicks on your ads.) The average is 9.47%. So every 90 out of 100 users who click ads don’t buy the product. We already explained potential unpaid efforts for Amazon and doing them right affects the conversion rate. If you make your conversion rate higher than 10%, it’s precious for your business.

How to choose the right agency for Amazon Marketing?

We explained what you could expect from an Amazon marketing and PPC agency. You can get both of these services together, or maybe you just need to get support for your ads. If you believe your product performs well and you wish to increase sales with Amazon Marketing Services, you should vigilantly check the agency’s portfolios to find the previous PPC achievements. 


Amazon is not the only e-commerce platform. So, maybe an agency that has experience in many different e-commerce platforms can provide you an advantage with their versatility.

If you are not familiar with the e-commerce industry, it’s better to contact a full-service Amazon marketing agency first. Then you can understand your needs better, and you can give a more accurate decision.

Don’t underestimate reviews. If you can’t respond to customer reviews on time, you should think to get help for it. 

There are wide range of services when it comes to Amazon marketing. You should carefully define your needs. Choosing the right Amazon marketing agency which can cover your requirements will help you to boost profit.

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