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Branding says everything about a company, therefore working with the top branding firms are really worthy for businesses. It simply reflects your company’s vision. Plus, when it’s done right, you can reach potential customers easily in this competitive global market.

We have gathered some of the top branding agencies in New York, that develop and grow a brand image of their clients:

  1. Blue Fountain Media
  2. Beyond
  3. The Charles
  4. Major Tom
  5. Crafted
  6. Flightpath
  7. Crowd
  8. Bookmark
  9. SEO Brand

Scroll down to discover more about our selection of digital marketing agencies located in New York and get inspired by the best branding examples!

New York-headquartered Blue Fountain Media merges imagination with technology to deliver human-centric digital experiences.

Deer Creek Seed Company, an independently owned seed business. Blue Fountain Media created a branding project, as well as digital transformation for this 40-year-old company. As a result, new sales channels and media opportunities opened for the company. Moreover, they saw a 617% increase in transactions and a 515% increase in revenue.


Beyond is one of the top branding agencies located in New York. This awarded design company uses design and technology to create beautiful digital experiences.

Located in New York, this awarded design company uses design and technology to create beautiful digital experiences.

Their other services include building products, growth and user experience. Check out Beyond’s portfolio including inspiring examples to learn more about the agency.

The Charles is also a full-service creative agency located in New York. They are focused on strategic campaigns, brand storytelling and digital experiences for lifestyle, luxury, finance, media and technology brands.

The awarded project “Charlie” is a mixture of the team’s passion for print editorial and digital. The Charles used their creative skills to produce a digital experience without client approval or budget constraints.

New York-based Crafted is a digital creative studio. They create smart, well-designed and innovative digital experiences.

Their branding and design project AppleInsider is a great branding example from the agency’s great portfolio. This website which provides comprehensive coverage of Apple news is now available in other Apple devices too.

AppleInsider’s collaboration with Crafted created had great results. It increased readership by 40% in the first year, increased readership retention by 30% and increased sales by 300% with the new Pricing Guide design.


Major Tom is a full-service agency that has started working in 2000. They are a team of industry-leading specialists hand-picked from across the globe.

Headquartered in New York, the agency has also offices in Toronto and Vancouver. Discover more about Major Tom’s amazing portfolio that is full of creative branding examples.

Flightpath is another top branding agency in New York. Driven by analytics, insights and relentless curiosity, this creative agency’s work consistently reflects digital and design originality while staying squarely focused on creating client value through emotional currency.


Coleman Research Group worked with Flightpath to recreate
their website’s user experience and design, along with their branding as a
whole. Flightpath put forward Coleman’s digital brand voice while effectively
engaging all three of their target audiences: potential customers, industry
experts, and potential employees.

As a result, their organic search, bounce rate and average
session duration improved significantly.

Crowd is an independent global creative agency with multiple offices around the world. They offer services such as audience growth, sales and brand awareness.

myAko is a platform based for the healthcare sector, that works with care employers, enabling staff to be aligned, motivated and focused. Crowd created this distinctive name for them. ‘Ako’ is a Maori word that means to teach and learn. The agency also developed the entire brand identity, social media assets, landing page and an animated launch video.


Since launch, the brand has performed better than expected, with around £400,000 of tenders out to companies. This is one of the great examples of creating a strong brand identity.

Bookmark is a global content and communications company. They create content for brands to effectively communicate with consumers and “spark action”.

Their branding for the leading logistic uniform supply management company Logistik Unicorp is striking. The agency rebranded the company entirely. Also, they have redone the neglected old brand with a modern font and design.


SEO Brand is a multifaceted, multipurpose interactive search
marketing and development firm. The 15-year old company provides varied options
customized to fit client needs primarily for customer acquisition and market
share growth.

As a branding firm, they work with some of the industry’s most experienced marketing professionals. Visit SEO Brand’s website to learn how they work while tailoring your company’s message towards your target audience.

Branding has many benefits, such as growth, credibility and reaching more people. Here Crafted has shared Branding Best Practices for 2020 for you to stand out from the crowd and connect with your target audience.

Use our list of the top 9 branding agencies in New York to find the right company showcasing inspiring examples for you. Make sure to check the works of these branding firms to decide which one fits your criteria.

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