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Social media helps businesses to increase their sales and revenues in addition to growing their online presence. When social media first became popular, marketers thought that it was just a temporary trend. But it has exceeded all the expectations, and now it’s an essential part of any strategy created by social media marketing agencies.

When businesses try to build a meaningful presence on social media, they face some problems as a result of not having enough resources and guidance building an online community or lacking a strategic approach.

Today, online presence means almost everything for a brand as it provides global recognition. Companies have to be on social media to be where their customers and prospects are.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to add a human factor to your business. Therefore, social media marketing agencies help companies to run social media campaigns and paid ads to keep an active and engaging presence.

So, if your enterprise operates in the UK and you want to contact the top social media marketing agencies in London, I’ve compiled 7 of them to make your searching easier. You can see some examples of their works to have an opinion about their social media management competence.

Taylor and Goes

Taylor and Goes provide social strategy, paid social media, content creation, community + influencer and social media campaigns for businesses. The agency follows the latest industry trends and developments. With their dedicated team, they create positive brand experiences to engage audiences, build community and measure results.

For example,  they helped The Beefsteak Club brand to raise the profile and build a meat-lovers community who shares the same passion for a good bottle of wine. Taylor and Goes centered the strategy around the authenticity, humor and tasteful food with user-generated content. You can find Beefsteak Club’s successful social media results below.


Your Favorite Story

Your Favorite Story grows their partner companies’ businesses using exciting and action-inspiring stories. Also, the agency only hires the best people and train them for any client request and make them best in the business. Consequently, the team consists of bright strategic and creative minds that can illuminate you with their digital brilliance.

For instance, digital and social integrated “One For The Boys” was a male cancer awareness campaign. A fully responsive website was built to educate men about avoiding medical screening for the disease.

Then they launched a social strategy to attract the men’s attention who are avoiding medical screening for the disease using social media influencers and multiple platforms. Here are the other case studies by Your Favourite Story.



Independent global creative agency Crowd can help you to grow your audience, sales and brand awareness through social media. Crowd launched a social media campaign to promote FujiFilm’s new T100 camera across the United Arab Emirates. They invited influencers to create original content by using the camera and share it with their followers.

The campaign got positive results. The awareness for the brand in this region and also sales increased. They used Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat social media platforms.


Fifty Five and Five

Fifty Five and Five has expertise in B2B social media marketing and they work with technology companies such as and The Information Lab.

As tech companies need to find a voice on social media, the agency tries to create memorable and unique content and mirror them. They take the full control of your social accounts, post as frequently as you wish and building you a community to gain greater influence.

Here you can read the case studies from Fifty Five and Five.



PACK helps companies from every scale to reach the next stage. They have a range of digital marketing packages to meet the unique needs of start-ups and emerging brands.

The companies can gain brand awareness, fan and influencer engagements with these 4 packages. The agency provides social media strategy, social media, social ad and influencer management services.



Even if you operate in the consumer space or B2B, people expect you to be active on social media in order to assess your credibility. DigitalParade helps their clients the most suitable channels to participate and connect with their audience.

The agency also guides them to build and maintain the best followers. Whether you want to establish a presence on social media or integrate it as a CRM tool for your entire business, DigitalParade is there for you.

DigitalParade launched “Mad Hatter” campaign to outreach existing and prospective clients in the Global Mobility, HR and Reward sector to come this year’s ‘must attend’ event showcasing the value of Graebel and Inside Mobility.

Personalized ‘mad hats’ were delivered directly to the desks of VIP invitees and prompting them to share a Picture and comment using #IMmad on social media.

As a result, over 100 registrations made, over 80 people attended the event and 40,000 organic impressions achieved through social media posts. You can find out more about the case studies from DigitalParade.


Momentum Design Lab

Momentum Design Lab is one of the best social media marketing agencies agency that takes human-centric customer experiences very seriously. They offer meaningful connections between companies and their customers. Besides, they work on digital product innovation, transformative business processes, and inventive marketing.

The agency redesigned and developed the social listening platform Synthesio’s command center demo for the main sponsor of the 2016 Disneyland Half Marathon, Cigna. Their project was a huge success and utilized heavily during the marathon. Both runners and Synthesio impressed how the quality of their work in a short period – 3 weeks.


If you’re operating in London and searching for the right partner to manage your social media, you can also have a look at our digital agencies in London list.

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