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Online advertising has huge effects on people before users decide to buy something. Using the right platforms with the right messages, PPC advertisements can scale-up your business.

We curated the top 7 PPC agencies in Melbourne to collaborate for your digital advertising activities. With these agencies, you can create your strategy for your PPC campaigns, execute them and keep a detailed record of their performance. Also, A/B tests have an essential role in hitting the target and these agencies have experienced in that.

Best Pay Per Click Agencies in Melbourne

We advise you to check their portfolios and projects from websites. If they build campaigns for your industry previously, it would be an advantage for you.

Emote Digital

If you’re after anything in the paid digital advertising landscape, Emote Digital can accommodate. This includes display advertising, remarketing, Google shopping, YouTube placement and even Bing Advertising. So you don’t need to focus on just one platform and the PPC agency can help you to find the best platforms for pay per click advertisements.

emote digital digital marketing agency

Also, they will not just set the advertisements and forget. Emote Digital adjust campaigns as they go to ensure that the advert is constantly performing at its best possible strength.

Due North 

Due North knows you can transform your business with more leads and better ROI. Google Ads is one of the best marketing assets your business can have. It can drive qualified leads to your company and drive sales, literally overnight. If you can set the perfect paid per click campaigns, you can create a continuous successful sales funnel.

due north

Everybody says they optimise their Google Ads campaign, but that’s like saying everybody communicates. And we all know there are excellent communicators, poor communicators and average communicators. The right Google Ads agency will develop with you a strict and effective optimisation process that will see real growth in results.

After running Google Ads campaigns for over 10 years for themselves and their clients, the experienced PPC agency is master about what it takes to catapult your business with more revenue and rapid growth.

JTB Studios

JTB Studios applies an integrated, customer-centric approach to expand your digital footprint. The process of leveraging paid search tools to reach potential customers at the perfect time and place. Where SEO requires a team to be consistent and continuously generating high-quality content, SEM can quickly raise brand awareness and revenue to expedite the process. Therefore, paid per click ads play an essential role to find the right channel and the right message.

jtb studios ppc agency in melbourne

Search engine marketing and ads start with well-established strategy and planning. It relies on understanding your audience and the needs of the business. This generates clicks, and ultimately a return on investment.


Impress!ve is an SEM agency that puts you on the right screens. The Google Premium Partner agency can craft an effective advert that appears in front of your consumers at just the right time – when their wallets are out and they’re ready to buy. There’s some tough competition out there, but their PPC AdWords management services are armed with the research and analysis you need to blow them out of the water and take over the market in Australia.


They meet or exceed the necessary requirements to be a Google Premium Partner. Over the years, they’ve proven that the PPC agency knows how to optimise AdWords to effectively grow the client’s revenue by as much as 383% and sustain that growth. Their Certified Google AdWords specialists are here to get you the best possible return on your marketing spend.

With razor-sharp Google AdWords management, Melbourne, businesses can take the lead faster than you might expect. For instant gratification and results, Impress!ve can be one of the great choices.


ntegr!ty develops and implements creative campaigns that drive action from your audience to hit your KPIs. They start with a concept, conduct user-testing, then build a campaign activation strategy that details channels, budgets, timelines, audiences, goals, creative, and messaging. Next, they’ll design campaign collateral that will include personalised, relevant, and persuasive messaging. So you shouldn’t think just setting a budget and running your campaign with ntegr!ty.

With their unique approach, you will create the whole campaign together and execute it. Therefore, the chance of hitting the right spot will increase. These types of cross-channel PPC campaigns can convert your prospects better.

ntegr! ty’s specialty is targeting millennials. They understand the unique needs, desires, fears and frustrations of your target audience because half our team is made up of your target audience! They’ve got vast experience with campaigns that cut through in a millennial’s hyper-targeted and dense ecosystem.

Soul + Wolf

Soul + Wolf knows that Google Ads is a fantastic way for your business to (almost immediately) acquire new customers and drive revenue through Google’s expansive Ad Network. They’ll build out highly targeted ad campaigns to ensure we can cost-effectively reach and convert your most important customer segments. As a verified Google Partner, you can trust they’ve done it before.


The Google Partner agency will analyze and inform you exactly how many people see your ads, how many people will visit your website, and, most importantly, how many people will enquire or buy from your business. 

Soul+Wolf is an award-winning, independent Australian digital agency. They create meaningful digital & design-lead solutions that empower businesses and brands.

Resolution Digital

The award-winning team of certified experts that help brands get discovered and convert across a variety of search engines. They have experts in the relevant tools every day who are trained by Google and know how to make the most of the latest features that lead to consistent improvement. 

They align your PPC strategy with your digital marketing strategy. Resolution Digital’s search team use their quality checklists to ensure a smooth transition and best practice delivery, including the alignment of strategies with broader marketing needs. The data-driven full-service digital agency Resolution Digital was awarded by Google in 2018.

The digital agencies in Melbourne have a variety of services. We analyzed the best ones for PPC marketing and why they are making a difference. It’s better to communicate with most of them before deciding to hire a PPC agency.

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