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Content marketing has its both pros and cons at the same time. When it comes to video marketing, duration of the audience attention is the common goal for all of us.

To create an amazing, story-driven medium, videos are the current helpers of the content creators, because they grab the attention first, and the information is given quickly and functionally. Plus, they make a content instantly studious and interactive. As a matter of fact, in brand communication, we can say that video content is the king now.

If you started your own business, keep it in mind that the instuctive and creative video contents also help you to apply the unique-selling proposition of your product/brand in so little time. For instance, the attention span of an average human being is measured as just eight seconds. This means, visuals win, texts lose in comparison. But after that, rather than being the attention-grabber, businesses need to curate contents which needs to be next-level, so video is just an item of interest.


Videos also help your content to be more live and you can create them on many purposes including education (of your business), express the benefits, creating testimonials, thank your loyal customers and overall, promote more about your entire work.

Here are some statistics from Online Marketing Institute‘s infographic,

• 61% of businesses have started using video content marketing.
• E-commerce stores which use video content have an 80% higher conversion rate than those which do not.
• By 2018, 90% of content shared by Facebook users will be video.

A video is nothing without its featuring music, just because it’s essential to be prepared when it comes to that step. A well-fitted background music makes your video more entertaining and long-lasting. More, it is the finishing touch of how your audience senses about your video. To create an emotional perception, you need to choose the correct type of background music.

Decide how you want your audience to feel after watching the video, then pick your music according to that concept. For instance, you can get inspired from simple emotions such as happiness, excitement, moodiness, curiosity, horror, tranquility, impetuousness, and many more. You can also choose a popular track and place a verse from it and your video will become more popular for instance.

Let’s take a look at the top stock music sites where you can find the suitable background music for your video content:

YouTube Audio Library


The YouTube audio library has one of the most satisfying background music archive for your video contents. With this free platform, you can easily search all collections to research for your optional music on the basis of genre, mood, instrument and artists.

Gerry Music


Founded by the Sound Engineer Gerry Black, Gerry Music is more of a corporate-concept royalty music website. To use the music on this site for free, you need to provide the requisite attribution. Other than that, you can buy a license to use the songs from $18.



Another paid resource, Soundstripe aims to represent the best composers from all over the world. Every single track is carefully picked and they’re very good at playlist curation. With their on-the-go user interface, it gives you a different option to select the tunes even according to your pace. The annual subscription is $135, plus there’s also the monthly pricing opportunity.

Epidemic Sound


This is one of the most well-known top quality background music platforms, Epidemic Sound permits users to access to license tracks that they owned, allow the YouTube subscription and their own musicians. The paid platform starts at $0.99. Swedish are good at music, so if you’re into the Northern tunes, you should try this one.



Named after its France-based owner, Benjamin Tissot, Bensound is a mixture of traditional and innovative stock music websites in one, together. Users can experience endless selections of royalty free music. This win-win website has also a benefit alike Gerry Music, that you can provide attribution and in return, use the website for free. If you don’t prefer attributing, you can buy the license and continue using the platform.



Hooksounds is a distinctive, highly curated and exclusive music site. It offers a huge variety of original tracks, composed by hand-picked artists all over the world.

Most online creators are nowadays looking for modern, stylish and distinctive music, and that’s exactly what Hooksounds is trying to provide to its audience. One of the main goals of Hooksounds is to create non-generic music, the kind you can’t find anywhere else: Hooksounds has its own sound!

With a well-picked background music, your videos will shoot up and help you to make a good impression to your followers. So go ahead and think this as a game to hit the peak!

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