Content is an incredibly valuable part of digital marketing campaigns. Therefore, it is essential that companies find successful content marketing agencies that fit their needs. We’ve gathered top agencies in New York that provide quality content.

Content is king! Probably you heard the phrase a lot and maybe people forget about the reason for it. So let’s explain a bit why it’s so important.

In 2020, content doesn’t mean only blog posts. Still, these posts have huge importance but there are many ways to enrich your content strategy. Content marketing agencies play an essential role in improving your relations with your customers and building trust for your brand.

Here is our list of the top 6 content marketing agencies in New York:

  1. Major Tom
  2. The Charles
  3. Crafted
  4. Crowd
  6. Blue Fountain Media

So, keep reading to discover these New York-based agencies with
their inspiring projects that get results.

1. Major Tom

Major Tom is a full-service agency headquartered in New
York. Their team consists of industry-leading specialists hand-picked from
across the globe.

While their show “Totem” arrived in Vancouver, Cirque du Soleil wanted to engage with the region’s Chinese-speaking population, too. So, they collaborated with Major Tom.


Major Tom conducted a specifically targeted campaign & content strategy to reach Vancouver’s Chinese-speakers. As a result, this marketing campaign drove over 16,000 visits to Cirque du Soleil’s website.

2. The Charles

Founded in 2011, The Charles is also one of the top agencies located in New York, that provides content services.

Infinity Brands partnered with The Charles to reintroduce
the 80’s iconic clothing line Le TIGRE. The Charles transformed their digital
marketing and creative approach by emphasising the brand’s unique and bold


They provided multiple services to the company, including a comprehensive media strategy, design, creative execution and content production.

3. Crafted

New York-based Crafted helps companies to create impressive
voice and vision by producing smart and innovative experiences.

Their “City of New Rochelle” project is a great example of Crafted’s inspiring projects. The agency was hired to help the city rebrand itself with a 360° marketing campaign & branding. They produced videos, interactive maps and event pages that capture the essence of the city.

Here’s a video from Crafted’s marketing campaign:

4. Crowd

Crowd is a global agency with offices from Dubai to New
York. Their services include content production, branding, SEO, and so on.

Razor produces exciting rides such as scooters and Go-Karts. The company partnered with Crowd to launch their new products, manage retailer partnership campaigns, and collaborate with influencers.

As a result, the brand saw 30 million+ social media impressions, and 5 million social media engagements.


Founded in 2008, WEBITMD is an agency focusing on business
growth that also creates engaging digital content.

Orchid Bay – a developing luxury residential & resort community and WEBITMD partnered for a full-funnel digital marketing campaign, including content marketing. The goal was to reaching US prospects with real estate opportunities at the resort.


The results were a real success with continued expansion now projected into 2020.

Blue Fountain Media

As a full-service digital marketing agency, Blue Fountain Media has a great team of experts for content marketing. The award-winning agency located in New York uses powerful storytelling to smooth the path to sales.

They know that content marketing is not only about a great copywriter. In a crowded digital space, not every piece of content achieves its full potential. Content success requires agility, strategy, a willingness to provide value, and above all, persistence.

At BFM, they create content that resonates with your customers because it’s engineered for them. Their content marketing services start with well-crafted strategies, drawing on channel expertise and performance data to make better content that works harder for your business.

These agencies reveal that you are lucky to be located in New York. There are many different options for choosing the right content marketing agency for your company.

How to choose the best content marketing agency in NYC?

We listed some of the best agencies above but honestly there is no best content marketing agency for everyone. However, you can find the top candidate for your brand. So let’s focus on the points which you should take attention.

Case Studies in Your Niche

If an agency proved themselves in your industry before, it’s an huge advantage. They already know what needs to be done for engaging with customers. Also it will be easier process for them to adapting your “business language.” If you worry about slow kick-off for your collaboration, this can be the most logical solution.

Content Marketing Team

Most of the digital agencies have content marketing services and outreaching your marketing requirements to one partner can be hassle-free. However, try to be sure that their content team has experts in their fields. Because if you pleased with their Google Ads services it doesn’t mean they have to be a great content marketing agency too.

We hope this list of top content marketing agencies in New York helps you to find the best company that suits your needs. Read client reviews and view the portfolios to make an informed decision for your business. Also, please check out other New York-located digital marketing agencies to discover more great companies.

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