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Thinking and designing your marketing strategies, especially for YouTube marketing from this very moment will help you to succeed in 2018.

As the year is done, there is no time to waste. These days are your opportunity to be on step further your competitors. 2017 has been an interesting year in several aspects, this year we have been witnesses of how technology is growing incredibly fast. Artificial intelligence and chatbots are now everywhere.

Moreover, marketing has changed a lot too. It passed from being focused in the product or service to be based on the experience of having it. This development has made marketing experts rethink about the selling techniques.

In all this movement of new marketing era, social media has gained considerably ground in the way of selling and advertising work nowadays. They have partially replaced the traditional media and it seems to be working really well.

However, even social media have experienced many changes; first all we see was about products, it was all that matters but in these days it is far from being like that, content plays an extremely important role in the way business sales nowadays.


But, you may think “Why content?” Well, let us answer that for you, content plays with illusion and feelings.

By using content, the advertisement is less aggressive as you are not directly saying to clients that they have to buy from you.

The feeling they get is that the organization is actually concerned and want to develop products and services to make customers life easier, they make clients feel like they need the product to be trendy.

So, virtual content was in the very beginning about letters, blogs had a very important place in virtual marketing, yet in this moment they have competition, some others ways of virtual content have born.

Actually, it is all related with visual content; the most visual your content is, the better it is received by the customers.

As you may noticed and maybe used; infographics, pictures, videos, and statistics are literally everywhere in this year; and these trends are strong enough to continue being relevant in the next year, and what about videos? They are on top of everything, almost any platform is full filled with content videos.

Then amazing YouTube came into scene; few years ago all in YouTube was about music and funny videos of cats, what a big different from the YouTube we know now.

Here are the most important 4 trends of marketing in YouTube we will continue watching in the 2018.

If your business have not tried any of these, your competitors are already winning.

1. 360° Videos

It follows the statement of allowing the customer to be in touch with the brand and actually interact with it through media. It is a combination between virtual reality and common videos.

In 360° videos, the viewer can control several features of the content, like the perspective or angle while watching it. An important thing about this type of video is the fact that it represents an easier and cheaper way to experience virtual reality.

Why is that? Well, for 360° ones, not even a headset is necessary, by not needing to have special tools and gadgets in order to enjoy this brand new strategy it makes it more accessible to great amounts of potential customers.

360° Film, Kate Moss & Scent Of A Dream by Charlotte Tilbury

360° videos are easily and very often played in mobile devices which is very convenient taking into account that a big percentage of the traffic based on content advertisement is done by mobile phones or tablets.

In fact, this type of videos had great results when talking about statistics in this year, they catch more views, shares and subscribers than standard videos; now picture how big it is going to be in 2018.

This trend is going to get more developed in the next year. By 2018, 360° videos are supposed to get every time more related to VR, which is interesting given the fact of relevancy VR already has.

Also, developers are considering including buying options after the video ends. The swipe-to-buy option can be available in YouTube sooner than you think and this platform will not be the only one. In Brief, 360° videos support a wide range of topics, surely they can work really well in your business.

2. Gaming videos

Have you heard the term esports? No, it is not a misspelling of sports; actually, it is the result of the combination between electronic and sports which is a really accurate name for this trend.

Gaming industry has been working hard in the development of brand new gaming platforms, consoles were displaced to second position after esports, yet what is it? An esport is a sort of online competition based on video games.

According to data from Statista, the esports is estimated to be worth $1.5 billion approximately by 2020. These tournaments are developed by internet and they work in any scales, from local tournaments to international championships.

So, you must be wondering what does this type of gaming has in common with marketing? Well, it has a lot.

Virtual gaming has created a rush all over the world, and with it, celebrities on this area too. These people even count with sponsorships and there is where your business can profit.

Brands of several areas are investing in gaming videos. From computers and games developers, to clothes and accessories brands. Everything in the video counts.

MARVEL Powers United VR Announce Trailer

Picture this, the best player of Clash Royale upload a video where he is playing a tournament, millions of viewers around the world have access to the clothes he’s wearing, that fancy watch too. The brand new computer, even the poster behind the computer.

Using a phone from you, drinking a beer from you, having a bag of potato chips and those nice shoes you sell. Everything in here is played more minutes than a traditional ad and millions of viewers have access to it.

3. How to… videos

Recently, video tutorials have gained a lot of fame. How many times have you typed these two words followed by some other in a search engine? And how many of these times have you picked a video instead of written responses?

Yes, now you may have an idea of how important this type of video marketing has gained ground on internet and YouTube is the biggest platform wherein you can watch –and post- these videos.

“How To” video from Bobbi Brown UK

With all this movement that reaffirms that a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many words a video worth. Customers tend more to believe in something if they are able to watch how it works instead of only reading about it.

Once again, tutorial videos can work really well in many different areas and the combination of tutorials and influencers will boost your business to the top.

Almost anything can be proved and recorded in a video.

4. Live video streaming

This area is so accessible for almost any kind of marketing. It helps to get a really good relationship between the brand and the clients, it is a new way in interact in real time; yet the importance of this type of techniques go further.

By doing these kind of actions, your business get more human. Clients really appreciate to have a face of a brand, as it makes it more trustable. It also helps to create more engagement with current customer and to attract potential ones.

Keep in mind that YouTube is a platform wherein millions of active user are everyday seeking for something interesting to watch and there is your opportunity to be that something.

CNN Live Stream

Different topics are available for video live streaming; from interviews to important people of the company, to tutorials of how to use some of your products, maybe the making of a production or even the behind-the-scenes of the preparation of a perform or release.

Two interesting topics that you should consider when creating your YouTube strategy for 2018 are Q&A’s lives wherein someone of the staff can interact with the viewer and answer any doubts they may have; also, streaming live events are an acute way of selling, by doing this, you can make people who is not present in the event feel part of it.

To sum up, no matter which one of them do you pick to invest next year, some or even all of them can fit well for your business.

What we can ensure you is that putting your money in YouTube marketing is a win-win strategy.

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