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Adhunik Studio offers a full range of professional web development services. Our skilled team has consistently delivered on a variety of projects - from corporate websites and e-commerce solutions to multi-functional web portals.
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Most of the time you may hear the terms “web design” and “web development” being used as synonyms, but they are really two different things. When looking around for someone to outsource your website project, it’s important to know the difference so that you know what to ask for, and consequently outsource to someone who’s truly capable of delivering what you really want to have.

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How we develop websites

Although having a great product is important, it does not always guarantee success in a business venture. The manner in which customers interact with a company and its product is important, and one way to achieve this is by having an online presence. The internet has allowed this form of online presence, and as such, it is a force that has a major impact on business success. However, the internet alone cannot allow customers to access an online company because it must have a website.

Most companies are ensuring that they have an online presence by having a responsive website that is hosted on the internet. A website refers to a collection of web pages that are related and are hosted under one domain name. It is a tool can allow a business to standout from its competitors.

However, a website must be responsive, easy to maneuver, inviting and attractive so that it can keep the guests (customers) engaged. This is where our services become essential because we offer web design expertise and experience that not only grabs the visitor’s and customers’ attention but also keeps them interested and engaged.
Adhunik Studio is a professional web development and design company whose services are offered by designers and developers who are competent, have the necessary technical know-how and also highly experienced. Our major mission is to come up with different forms of websites ranging from complex to simple ones.

Firstly, we acknowledge that a well-developed and designed website is a powerful marketing tool for any organization. With this information in our minds, we make sure that the website is creatively designed and communicates the intentions of an organization effectively. Additionally, we recognize that a website should be user-friendly, efficient and intuitive. This is why develop websites that are compatible with all devices including desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone (both iOS and Android operating systems). The websites are also appealing to the users and must be customized according to the need of the client. Therefore, appropriate website development is one of our major specialties.

The client is our pillar in any website development endeavor. We don’t work for you instead we work with you. This means that our experienced, professional and talented website developers and graphic designers work collaboratively with the client’s in the process. This ensures excellent income.

Our Web Development Process

This is to make sure that the best solution for the client needs is provided and meet his or her goals. The process of web design starts with a web design audit whereby we sit down with the client to determine his or her needs and how it will make the organization meet its goals. At this stage, the following are some of the questions that we ask the clients: what are the features and functions that you would like your website to have? What type of content do you want your website to contain and host? What are your overall marketing goals? If it is a company we will go further to ask about the interests of the customers, and their demographics, among other details. No personal information will be asked in this case, so you have no reason to worry.

In the next step, we focus on the competitors, but we will not disturb you as our esteemed client. Instead we will go further to research about the characteristics of your competitors. The research will target auditing of the competitor’s websites and what makes the customers visit the website. Such information will be important because it will enable us to develop a website that is above the standards of the competitors and can ensure high traffic of customers.
The third step comes after collecting the necessary information about the client and his competitors. It involves the development of the actual website: high levels of creativity are required here. Thus the stage encompasses the coding process and pulling together the site map, style tiles, wireframes and the written content as well as the graphics and icons. It takes the longest time to develop than other stages. This is made possible by our able team of talented and professional web developers and designers as well as the graphic designers plus the marketing consultants available. It is, therefore, a process that involves a collaboration of a multidisciplinary team.

The actual website development starts by identifying the pages that will be included. This is then followed by the development of content for each page. The fonts and font colors of the content as well as navigation styles are determined. We call this step the style tile. Then we move to the wireframing step. This is where the structural ideas are transformed into a design. It leads to a generation of a blueprint where the position of each item in the pages is evident. The layout of the website is clear as one can move from one page to the next by a click of a mouse button. You will like it at this stage.Here we also invite you for the suggestion on what should be removed, repositioned or added.

The last stage of web design that we engage in is the launching of the site, which is equally important to the other three stages. The website prepared is transitioned to a live environment in this step to ensure that nothing has been left out. This involves the following processes: Cross-browser testing and domain mapping. In this step, your opinion as the client is also needed.

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