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Mercedes-Benz generates a big plan and plays its own original marketing strategy while creating amazing advertising campaigns all around the world.

Mercedes Benz marketing strategy was once centered on the safety, luxury, and precision engineering of its cars, but due to increase competition in the luxury car industry and changing consumer attitudes about the Mercedes Benz brand that strategy has changed. Now their marketing strategy is more life style oriented and is focused more on presenting the more fun loving, approachable, and energetic side of Mercedes Benz.

In 1993, Rosemarie Totzauer reported in Brandweek about the brand’s presence,

Mercedes is attempting to reinvent itself, to evolve from a company long defined exclusively by its gas-guzzling luxury sedans and sports cars. The reborn Mercedes will offer a broader, more complete line of vehicles the rapidly changing, more complex, higher risk luxury segment Mercedes-Benz, therefore, has to gear itself for a metamorphosis into a company known for value and a diversity of vehicle concepts rather than for the prestige of the three-pointed star.

Occasioned by the shift in slogans from the old “Engineered Like No Other Car in the World.” created by McCaffrey and McCall, to “Sacrifice Nothing,” gave a succinct statement of the company’s changed marketing policy.

Mercedes lines and the target market had broadened in time. The latter now included the C class, which replaced the 190 series as a product for the low end of the market; the E class, a mid-size luxury car; the S class, for the high-end luxury vehicles that had previously comprised the sum total of the company’s product; and the SL for sports cars.

The evolution of Mercedes Benz’s marketing strategy can be directly connected to the expansion of its target market, which now includes persons twenty five to forty five years old as well as its initial targets the baby boomers. In order to provide superior customer value to its target market Mercedes Benz has found it necessary to expand its product, provide more competitive prices, increase communications with its target market, maintain to consumers, and continue its excellent customer service.

The marketing strategy of Mercedes-Benz is short of the same as BMW. More specifically, Mercedes spends a big amount for advertising campaigns.

Here are some examples of the amazing ads and their marketing strategies between the lines.

Knows The Target Market Inside Out

For the new SUV all-electric vehicle, Mercedes-Benz is targeting a young audience with a campaign to promote its first electric SUV, the EQC that features Grammy award-winning singer The Weeknd. The singer gets a creative director credit on spot featuring his track ‘Blinding Lights’.

The Canadian artist appears in an ad for the model that’s soundtracked to his new single Blinding Lights and also gets a creative director credit. The ad, created by Mercedes-Benz’ lead European agency Antoni Garage in Berlin, starts with a kid seeing him charging his car and asking “Woah, do you drive electric?” There follows a series of montages of Mercedes-Benz vehicles through the (lovingly recreated) different decades of its history before The Weeknd replies simply, “I drive a Mercedes”.

Goes Big In Promotion On The Big Features

Highly inspired by the Netflix hit, “Stranger Things”, Mercedes-Benz goes cool to advertise its parking feature.

This fascinating ad says it all, a retrospective aspect of the classic American neighborhood and a group of kids with bicycles. Mercedes-Benz presents the feature called ‘Remote Parking Pilot‘ which means the car parks itself automatically with the help of Mercedes Me access.

Goes Big In Promotion On The Big Features

To celebrate Pride Month, Mercedes revealed a transphobia mural for Toronto Pride. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Pride Month (LGBTQ Pride Month) is currently celebrated each year in the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan. So during the last month, some brands launched campaigns relevant to the issue.

Mercedes-Benz: Painted With Love | BBDO Canada, Toronto

We’re know that Mercedes-Benz is good at tugging on emotions, so this is one such example. Created by BBDO Canada, Painted With Love is about revealing yourself in your true colors.

In the video, a couple of people who have issues with their gender are making confessions – eg. transphobia – they get through it while growing up. They describe the emotions they’ve felt and then transfer these sentiments into murals.

Goes Big In Promoting Big Features

Mercedes-Benz was unveiled the Digital Light technology that aims to improve safety and communication with other drivers and pedestrians by projecting signals onto the road.

Announced at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Digital Light is a new HD-quality headlamp. As it has been shared by Mercedes-Benz, the new HD headlamp features chips that work with over one million micro mirrors, i.e. more than two million in total per vehicle. The brand thanks to integrated cameras and sensors, the headlights can show directional and warning icons by detecting other road users and evaluating the data using powerful computers.

For example, drivers can easily see pedestrians at night and headlights can show a pedestrian road with the help of Digital Light. They can also be assisted with the symbols such as Low-grip surface, construction-site, rear-end collision, lane-keeping, blind-spot and speed symbol.

Foregrounds Personality In Advertising

Imagine a car that behaves you well like your precious smartphone does! To promote its new Mercedes A-Class, Mercedes-Benz’ campaign was named, “Just Like You”.

Created by Antoni Berlin, the new campaign, “Just Like You”, focuses on what makes the new car unique, mentioning its ability to reach people who are living in the digital era and to understand their preferences, their needs and characteristics.

If you like to see more of Mercedes-Benz’s marketing campaigns, have a look and get inspired!

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