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Since the beginning of time, sound has always been a part of human existence. It has played a great role in making us aware of what is happening around and awakening our senses from within. Over time, we have managed to harness the use of sound by creating rhythmic music for our pleasure. Also, businesses are increasingly using music to enhance their brands by using catchy melodies that consumers can easily identify with.

Keep reading to discover why music is a powerful tool for your brand and how to use it to boost your business.

Music from a business perspective

There are several factors that clients consider when interacting with businesses and one of the main things that stand out for them is the image that the brand projects in their minds. Many decisions made by businesses have a direct effect on how the outside world perceives their identity.

A brand image should be a reflection of the company’s mission, philosophies, and goals. All these aspects express the true nature of the company and bring out the qualities that make it special.   

When building a credible identity, there are several factors to be aware of that will ultimately define how outsiders perceive the business. A powerful tool that can be used in building this credibility is music.

Matching your business processes with the right music is very crucial when it comes to creating a memorable experience for your clients. This is done by first creating relatability, which in turn creates a sense of attachment for the client.

When establishing a unique corporate image, the right choice of music can help boost profits while carving out a niche for your brand at the same time. This is certainly not an easy task but there are a number of ways to make the process easier.

One is to use royalty-free music which has plenty of benefits in terms of business viability. It is always advisable for businesses to source for great stock music that is affordable and of good quality.   

Music creates social change

Music has the ability to create a good ambiance, evoke emotions and tell stories through rhythmic sounds. The difficult part is choosing the right kind of music since it is always evolving (just like businesses). Music selection has to be flexible and uncomplicated for your business and it should be a positive reflection of your company’s principles.

Studies have shown that music tempo is very essential in the effect on the listener. According to Motive Metrics Research, fast music leads to high levels of arousal which, in turn, leads to customers moving at a faster pace through a store.

In contrast to this, the study further states that music with a slower tempo prevents high levels of arousal and slows down the pace at which shoppers move, often leading to an increase of items purchased. Ultimately, music and other atmospheric sounds are very important when it comes to designing a space that will connect with customers.

Music has been a part of human existence in different forms since the dawn of time and it is a great force of nature that is way more powerful than many of us may think. This aspect is put into perspective by HookSounds CEO Alvaro Angeloro, who says,

Music, like any other art, can reach a part of us that is sacred and should never be corrupted or ignored. It has the power to deeply touch our souls, inspire, provoke and create an attraction. Music artists have an immense responsibility since the experience of being exposed to a piece of art never leaves us the same as we were before. When used wisely, it can also offer relief, by reducing the symptoms of autism, brain degenerative conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases and even mental conditions like depression. That’s the power of music.

Music is often undervalued in terms of its impact on people’s behavior, mood, and persuasiveness. It plays a great role in human psychology and when scientists began to research and do tests, they discovered the great impact that it has on the lives of humans.  


Using music to build your brand

Music has power and influence, so why don’t
businesses prioritize it when building their brands? Unfortunately, many
business owners have not realized the tremendous advantages that music offers
when it comes to reinforcing a business identity. It can create a unique and
inviting atmosphere, influence customer behavior and even increase employee

From the song you hear when your phone call is on
hold, to the music you hear when you are at a store, everything is being
processed by your mind as the listener. When you hear music playing in a store
and you listen to it again when you come back, you immediately start to
associate it with the brand.

Some iconic examples of brands that have capitalized on signature tunes for familiarity include the famous Nokia ringtone, the Netflix logo animation sound and many more. All these companies have used music to reinforce their image and further their identity.   

Music can be a great tool when used correctly, but there’s a catch. It must be used correctly if you want good results. Why do we emphasize this? Well, it’s simple, if used in the wrong way, music can have a negative effect on your intended objectives. It may put off the very audience that you’re trying to attract, therefore, it should not be taken lightly.

Finding the most suitable music for your brand can sometimes be an uphill task. So, it is advisable to conduct some research, while keeping in mind all the positive attributes that the music will contribute to your brand image. And there you have it. If used appropriately, music is and always will be one of the best marketing tools for your business. 

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