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There is no doubt that Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels around the world. It enables us to benefit from the opportunities of visuality. Regardless of the size of their business, marketers and digital agencies are widely incorporating Instagram into their marketing strategy as well.

Instagram helps you to build more friendly relations and to create an online presence by uploading posts and stories with your followers. Along with Instagram posts that are permanent, 24-hour stories are the prominent trend of social media now. Although many of the popular social media channels started introducing stories feature recently, Instagram has been the leader of that trend after Snapchat.

Using Instagram stories is a great way to catch attention to your business. A cool point of Instagram stories is that they are shown at the top of the home feed, and Instagram posts reminders about stories before they disappear.

You do not need to beat the algorithm to get to the front of the line. Additionally, you can store your stories in your profile under the section of “Highlights” or any other title you can choose. Do not confine yourself with posts, start using stories and make it more engaging by using a story scheduler.

Scheduling your Instagram stories and posts is extremely effective in managing an account (or multiple accounts). In this text, we have gathered information to explain why scheduling Instagram posts and stories are important and how to schedule them. We will use an example, Combin Scheduler.

combin instagram scheduler

Advantages of Scheduling Instagram Posts and Stories

Scheduling Instagram posts is a useful marketing solution used by a myriad of bloggers and businesses. Since Instagram does not have a feature to do scheduling directly, these people and businesses use an Instagram scheduling app to set a time for their posts and stories. Scheduling provides you with certain advantages, including saving time, posting from your computer, managing multiple accounts, and engaging followers.

Planning Instagram posts saves time. It is not very efficient to spend half an hour every day to decide what to share, make the necessary adjustments, choose a caption and hashtags. Thanks to scheduling, you can give your energy once in a week to decide what to post throughout the entire week. You have plenty of time and focus on embellishing your content. 

Scheduling your posts lets you post quickly from your computer. Typically, Instagram does not let you post from a web browser. But using an Instagram scheduling tool allows you to overcome this limitation by choosing your files from your computer or your online storage systems. Since you probably edit your photos on your computer, scheduling makes it more efficient to upload your posts and stories from the computer as well.

Many marketers and influencers have multiple accounts for business and personal usage. Using these accounts simultaneously and regularly takes a lot of time and energy. If you are managing more than one account, an Instagram scheduling app saves you from getting lost. It also prevents using the wrong account for posting. By making your account management easily through a scheduler, you can have more time and energy for content creation. 

One of the most significant advantages of scheduling posts and stories is engaging your followers more and attracting new ones. The more content you upload, the more your account gets visible when scrolling the feed. Regular posting is also crucial for the platform algorithm by making your posts more engaging. Additionally, if you want to post at the time when most of your followers are online, you can arrange it beforehand.

Your current and potential followers demand exciting content. The key to being a successful marketer on a digital platform like Instagram is using your account actively and frequently. So do not miss the advantages of scheduling your posts and stories.

How to Do Scheduling?

Now that we know the advantages of scheduling Instagram stories and posts, it is time to learn how to schedule your Instagram posts and stories by using an Instagram scheduler. To illustrate the process, we will introduce an app to schedule Instagram posts or stories: Combin Scheduler.

Combin Scheduler is a useful program that contributes to schedule Instagram posts business. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It provides an easy way to prepare Instagram posts and stories for future publication. You can follow the steps below to learn how to schedule your posts and stories.

If you want to schedule your stories and posts, the first step is to install Combin Scheduler and login to your Instagram account within the program. Remember that Combin does not share personal information with third parties when you access your Instagram account within the program. Two-factor authentication is supported for the sake of security.

Scheduling Instagram Stories

Let’s start with scheduling Instagram stories. When you are logged in, click Stories at the upper left corner of the screen. Then click ‘Add New Story’ at the bottom of the application window. Drag and drop images or click Choose Photo to decide what to upload as a story.

After choosing your photos, you can select the posting date and time. For accurate timing, Combin Scheduler synchronizes with the timezone of your operating system. Once you click Create, you are done. Your stories will be published at the time you have scheduled. The new version of Combin Scheduler  enables you to adjust the orientation of your stories.

Scheduling Instagram Posts

The steps to schedule Instagram posts are similar to scheduling stories. When you are logged in, Combin Scheduler automatically directs you to the posts scheduling page. Click ‘Add New Post’ at the bottom of the application window. Drag and drop images or click Choose Photo to select pictures for the post. You can add your caption to the input field. Intervals, paragraph breaks, symbols, and emoji will remain unchanged when your post is published.

Then, if you wish, you can add your location by typing the name of the place into the Location input field. After your arrangements, select the posting date and time and click Create. Now time to wait for your post to be shared at the time you have set.

Scheduling Reposts

Reposting, also known as regramming, is one of the best features that Instagram does not directly provide. It helps you share posts from other profiles. Reposting is especially beneficial for brands that want to share user-generated content. Thanks to its new version, the Combin Scheduler helps you to repost on Instagram

scheduling instagram reposts

On the page after login, firstly click ‘Add New Post’ at the bottom and then open the Repost tab in the appeared window. Secondly, copy the link to the Instagram post you want to repost and paste the URL into the Link to the Post field. Select the publishing date and time. If you want, you can add a location tag to your repost and a link to the bio.

To make the last adjustment, click the icons below the image to add, remove or change the repost badge location. Enable the White Badge switch to change the badge colour from black to white. Once you click ‘Create’, you will have set entirely your repost to be shared at the scheduled time.

A Reminder

The entire scheduling process is quite easy, as stated above. However, to complete the process, there is another point to remember: You should keep Combin Scheduler launched until your stories or posts are uploaded on Instagram. 

In case the opened Scheduler window disturbs you, you can set the application running in the background. For this, you should go to the menu bar, click Tools and select Preferences, and then enable the setting ‘Run Combin Scheduler in the background when it is closed’. After that setting, Scheduler will be minimized when you click the escape button to quit it.

Combin Scheduler can help you make sure all your posts and stories are planned and will be published in time. Additionally, if some of your publications have expired for some reason, you can easily reschedule up to five of them for later.


Using your Instagram account regularly and actively is perhaps one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use to boost the growth of your Instagram account. For that, scheduling your posts and stories is an essential step to take. Scheduling creates a better flow in your Instagram account.

Regardless of the size of your business or the audience of your Instagram profile, thinking ahead helps you plan better. Utilizing a scheduler makes your account management easier. With the help of a scheduler, you can have time and energy to focus more on your content to make it fun.

By utilizing Combin Scheduler, we tried to explain how an Instagram scheduler works. You are welcome to try it to plan your Instagram feed.

When you learn why and how to schedule your stories and posts and start using a scheduler actively, you can more and more increase your productivity, and stay connected with your Instagram followers. 

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