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If you’re a digital marketing agency, business consultant, or advertising agency, you may find yourself ironically in a similar situation to that of your clients – a situation pertaining to business growth.

You’ll reach a point where you ask yourself, “How do I develop a firm foundation for my agency’s growth?”

But, here’s the good news. The solutions that you use to facilitate the growth of your clients can be the same ones you can follow for your own agency’s success. That’s what you’ll be learning in this blog.

Leveraging SEO: The Key to Success

The key to agency growth is positioning yourself as the only choice to meet the needs of your clients. The bigger your client base becomes, the more opportunities you’ll have of engaging higher quality leads.

When leveraging SEO to grow your agency, many of the same off-page services you offer to clients can provide you the starting point for success. Here we’ll look at some ways in which you can grow your agency using SEO services:

Optimize Your Site Like You Do with Clients

As a digital marketing expert, you need to be able to walk the talk. Solutions you offer to clients should also be a part of your strategy. In short, use your own services to your advantage to boost your SEO and build value in your agency’s brand.

Copywriting is one example. You likely tell your clients to build their content strategy around the needs of their audience. You advise them to ensure the content they publish can solve problems and provide answers to their audience’s questions.

Well, guess what? That’s good advice for everyone.

If your agency doesn’t use blog posts, infographics, white papers or video tutorials, you’re missing an opportunity to optimize for your brand. By leveraging content marketing, you can better answer questions from clients and build a sense of trust and authority in your agency.

Keep It Simple

Your clients are busy. They are running their own businesses, which is a highly involved and multifaceted task. Your prospective clients likely don’t want to be assailed with a smorgasbord of solutions. They want to know how you can address their needs with results-driven solutions.

If you can demonstrate your ability to do this efficiently, you’re providing them a reason to choose you over the competition (even if they happen to rank a little above you on the SERPS).

Think of the domino effect it can start:

The simpler you can make your operational processes, the more time you’ll have to spare. The more time you have to spare, the more clients you can have onboard. The more clients you can take on, the more money you can make. The more money you can make, the more you can invest in growing your business.

Outsource and Automate

Let’s face it – running an agency is no walk in the park. Days can get extremely busy.

While anything that contributes to your growth can be a worthy investment of your time and resources, you will reach a point at which you simply don’t have enough time to dedicate to your growth and your daily operations.

When you’re stuck in this situation, don’t be afraid to outsource and automate some aspects of your operations. This will leave you with more time to spend on the more strategic and forward-planning aspects of your business.

Copywriting, for example, is a fundamental but time consuming aspect of SEO. It’s likely that your ability to provide quality content is fundamental to your practices. But, you have to remember that there is no shortage of talented and reasonably priced copywriters.

The better your relationship with outsourced service providers and the more you feel that you can trust them, the easier outsourcing SEO services becomes.

Give Free Items and Incentives

Clients come to you not for your service, but for the value you can offer. So if there’s an opportunity to provide them genuine value, use that to your advantage. One way to do this is by giving free resources.

By offering prospects a free “first taste”, you’re giving them an idea of the experience they’ll have working with you. Major brands do this kind of marketing initiative all the time, so why not try it with yours?

Some of the items you can give away for free are product guides, white papers, or any resource that showcases the value of your services. For example, offer clients a free SEO audit that highlights areas of improvement on their website. This shows that you know how to get the job done.


Start with Smaller Projects

Success doesn’t always mean catching the bigger fish. Sometimes, it’s the small ones that deliver satisfying results.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that going exclusively for bigger jobs is the sure path to big money. In some cases, carrying out smaller SEO tasks for small businesses can boost your visibility and generate the kind of social proof that will send more leads your way.

A job may strike you as being too small or too easy for an agency with growth in mind. However, if you’re able to solve a client’s problem quickly and easily, they will likely consider hiring you again when they have more complex needs.

On top of that, every successful project can help in making noise on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social sites—that’s a great example of social proof and brand building.

Never Neglect the Local Scene

You have to start somewhere, and that’s where targeting your local audience comes in.

Building mutually beneficial links with local SMEs is a great way to strengthen your client base and establish authority for your agency’s brand. While you can still aim for the global market, starting with a local client base can be a more practical approach.

Small local businesses are a goldmine for agencies for a number of reasons:

● They’re easy to pitch to and meet with face-to-face.
● They’re likely to attend the same networking events as you.
● They’re easier to build a personal relationship with and establish trust.
● They can recommend you to other people in their network and provide you with a qualified stream of revenue.

To build your local presence, it’s important to keep your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) up-to-date on all local directories you are listed on.

Build backlinks from trusted, high authority local domains, such as local newspapers, industry sites, and Chambers of Commerce. And don’t forget to leverage money keywords and landing pages to ensure that local businesses with digital marketing and SEO needs can easily find your business.

Targeting a local audience also calls for an appearance at networking events. If you have these events or trade shows near your agency, take some time to visit them. This can provide you with great opportunities to build strong relationships with local businesses.

Make a good first impression on local entrepreneurs—not only will they keep your agency in mind when they have SEO or marketing needs, but they’ll also be the first to recommend you to their own contacts.

Position Yourself for Growth

Growing your agency is a matter of having the right combination of strategies. With the right planning, allocation of resources, and initiatives, you can take your agency from humble beginnings to a seven-digit revenue machine.

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