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Influencer marketing has been on a steady rise across APAC for the past couple of years. With the high amount of technology users in Asia today, the number of social media account owners is quite extensive and as a brand, it is hard to properly target your ad campaigns and to stay relevant while trying to organically reach your audience. There is a shift in the way people absorbs ads today, and social media is the most cost-effective customer acquisition channel.

So, how do you drive real value for your brand when every competitor is doing the same? The answer is micro-influencers, they are and will continue to be the ones fueling monetization for brands in the future.

What is micro-influencer?

are smaller-scale personalities who promote brands. They usually have from 5,000
to 50,000 followers on their social media channels, with an engagement rate as
high as 14% per post (8% are considered as quite high already).

Why choose
micro-influencers for your campaign?

Although fewer in number, micro-influencers have a higher brand relevance as they build their followings around niche markets. Micro-influencers have a more direct and personal connection with their audience, they understand their audience, they know what works for them and what they are looking for. Hence, it allows brands to reach a more niche audience.

Even if the number seems lower, the organic reach of a micro-influencer is three times higher than with macro-influencers while spending less of the brand’s marketing budget. Today, authenticity and intimacy are the key elements in a micro-influencer campaign strategy, it makes the brand more relevant and relatable hence building a trustworthy relationship between the brand and the consumer.

How to choose the right micro-influencer for your brand?

choose the right micro-influencer, you need to thoroughly establish your target
audience. With that in mind, there are a few different ways to find the right
influencer for your brand. 

Remember to use hashtags

No hashtags are not obsolete, they are the most efficient way to target precisely the influencers who are interested in your brand’s market. The hashtags you use for your research has to be the ones most relevant to your brand and/or product. 

Base your research on your current followers

Since your followers already know your product or brand and they trust you, it is easier to establish a strong relationship with them. You can always rely on a google search and find influencers in the region of your target audience.

Authentic content matters

There are a couple of things that as a brand or company you will need to look out for when engaging with influencers. Make sure that not only the influencer is regularly posting, but more importantly that he/she is engaging with his/her followers. This is where you see the authenticity of the influencer which is crucial today and will make your campaign more genuine.

The influencer’s style is also a must, you definitely
want it to fit within your brand’s style otherwise it will look

Find out more on how to select the best
 for your campaign. 

How to properly
activate micro-influencers?

you need to define early on how you plan
on collaborating with the chosen influencer
 and how to compensate them.
Some influencers value visibility more than pecuniary compensation, while
others would rather use their social media presence as a source of income. In
other words, cater your incentive package according to different needs of the

The future of influencer marketing is all about the collective. The very basis of influencer marketing is about focusing on building relationships with people. And that is where brands need to shift their understanding of influencer marketing.

Rather than working with influencers as a one-off campaign, they need to think of it as a long-term partnership. Not only because it will increase significantly the engagement rate but also allows the brand to grow in popularity as it will generate much more visibility resulting in a considerably higher brand value.

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