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If you are a regular user of Instagram, then you would have probably seen many people with a large number of followers promoting various brands and products. You might have wondered how this thing works and what is the overall process behind this marketing strategy.

If you have ever thought of using Instagram influencer marketing to promote your brand or product, now is the best time to start. Instagram Influencer marketing helps in increasing your brand value, followers along with sales and revenue.

In this guide, you will learn about everything related to Influencer Marketing using Instagram including how to find the right influencers for your brand and the marketing strategies that work.

First of all, you should know who an Instagram Influencer is?

An Instagram Influencer is a someone who has a large number of followers on the platform and who can persuade its audience because of the level of trustworthiness and massive reach.

You can quickly build a massive audience within a short period for your brand or company by collaborating with your favorite Instagram Influencers.

It also helps in generating sales and revenue just by featuring your product on their Instagram posts and stories.

If your brand is new and does not have a significant amount of followers on the platform, then it’s probably a waste of time to post photos of your product as no one sees your posts.

With the help of Instagram Influencer marketing, you can ask the influencers in your niche to posts photos and videos of your product. It can get you hundreds or even thousands of targeted audience overnight.

If you have done the marketing in the right way, then you can get thousands of customers who are more likely to convert as they trust the influencer.

Instagram, Facebook or any other trending social platform can be leveraged and made well to use by getting useful insights by a social media marketing certification course that will help enhance your learnings and digital marketing skills, thus, contributing to a business’s success by scaling its growth.

Why your brand or company needs Instagram for Influencer Marketing?

There are several social media platforms on the internet but why you should use Instagram and not any other platform for influencer marketing.

If you are willing to spend your hard earned money on the influencers, then you would want to determine if Instagram is the best option available.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use Instagram to implement your influencer marketing strategies:

Massive Reach

Instagram is considered one of the world’s most popular social media platform. According to a report, it ranks second in the list of most popular social media platforms in the world. More than 32 percent of the U.S internet users are on the platform.

High Engagement rate

Instagram is also a highly engaging platform. According to a study, it is the most engaging platforms for the brands with 1.72 percent engagement rate per posts. Facebook is second on the list with an engagement rate of 0.16 percent per posts.


Image Source – webstrategiesinc

How much does Influencer Marketing using Instagram costs?

Before planning any marketing strategy, it’s important to understand your budget and plan accordingly. Influencer marketing is not always expensive, with proper budgeting you can avoid any unnecessary costs.

It’s critical to know that the cost may vary significantly as per the niche of the industry and influencer’s followers size.

In a recent survey, it was found that Instagram influencers increase their charges once they gain a considerable number of followers.


Image Source – Influence

For example, influencers with less than 2000 followers charge up to $124 per post. The price increases significantly to $395 per post with influencers having 150k to 250k followers. If an influencer has a following of more than 1M, then he can charge up to $1405 per post.

The cost of influencers also varies according to the niche of the industry. Travel influencers are considered the most expensive followed by entertainment and lifestyle influencers.

Once you know about the costs of different influencers, it’s easy to set up a marketing campaign. Depending upon your budget, you can decide who is the right influencer for your brand or company.

How to find the perfect Instagram Influencer?

This is the most critical and challenging part of your Instagram influencer marketing strategy. You need to clear about the points you are looking in an influencer.

First of all, the influencer should be relevant to your industry. They also need to be highly creative and engaging. You also need to notice how they interact with their audience.

Other metrics such as overall reach and traffic is also helpful in determining the potential of a particular influencer.

Here are the necessary steps you should follow while selecting an Instagram influencer:

Step 1 – Finding Instagram Influencer in your niche

The first step is to find the right influencers who are popular in your niche. If you partner with influencers who have a huge fan following in your niche, it increases the chances of getting more sales and customers.

You need to be as targeted as possible in finding an influencer because it can increase the overall ROI of your marketing. For example, if you have an e-commerce store which sells formal shirts, then you should use the keywords like “formal office shirts” instead of using generic keywords like “men’s fashion.”

If your brand is well-established, then you can use branded hashtags to find relevant influencers who are already creating content about your brand. However, if you’re not an established brand yet, you can use relevant hashtags related to your products.

Choose specific keywords that your potential customer might be interested in and find the posts that have the most likes and comments.

It may take a while to go through all the posts and hashtags related to your product, but it’s worth investing time to do it right. If you can find the right influencer who fulfills all the criteria, then you can enjoy the results which will be followed.

Step 2 – Form a Partnership

Once you have found your ideal influencer, it’s time to reach out to collaborate with them. It is an essential step in creating a long-term partnership.

If an influencer promotes the same product over and over again, then the audience is more likely to buy the product or service.

Most of the influencers have their email ids on their bio so that you can reach out to them. They are more likely to work with a brand or company whose product match the type of content they publish on the platform.

There are a few points you should consider while forming a partnership.

Firstly, brief them about the type of post you’d like them to publish on their feed. Most of the influencers need their creative freedom to create content, but still, you can suggest them photos or videos for their posts.

Also, ask them about their charges for creating and promoting your product. You can even negotiate the price, but keep in mind not to spend a lot of money at first. Start slowly, and if you get your desired results, you can increase your budget accordingly.

Step 3 – Track Your Results

You need to track and measure the results to find if the marketing campaign is successful or not.

To create a perfect Instagram marketing strategy, you need to understand how your campaigns are performing by setting clear goals and metrics.

There are several types of goals in Instagram influencer marketing. However, some of the metrics which you need to monitor are:

  • Engagement rate
  • Traffic
  • Likes and Comments
  • Sales
  • Brand sentiment

    Image Source – Later

    According to a report, more than 79 percent of the brands use engagement rate as the measure the success of their marketing campaigns.

    As more brands and companies realize the potential of Instagram for influencer marketing, we can expect some significant changes in its strategies.

    With the help of Instagram influencer marketing, both big and small businesses can market their product or services to a large number of audiences quickly.

    There are several other ways to leverage the power of Instagram to increase the sales and revenue of your business. However, it is advised to master one strategy first, then move on to the next one.

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