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Many founders want their app to be a global sensation from the day it launches. When you believe you’re onto a good thing, it seems limiting to hide it from the rest of the world while you focus on one small market.

We understand the appeal of going big from the beginning, but if you want to build your app’s user base and you want to have more control over this process than just being able to alter online marketing campaigns, we suggest you start locally.

Building a user base is always easier on your home turf. Starting where you can shake the hand of the people you’re dealing with, and be in the same time zone to resolve issues and answer questions while you’re building your presence.

You need proof of concept before branching out. You need validation that a community of people love what you’re doing before expanding that network.

Starting at home is the smartest way to get your app off the ground, get close to your users and then work on developing it for national and global expansion.

Start small

Don’t give up the dream of a globally recognized app, however, apply a smart strategy to build the foundations. Pave the easiest path to world domination.

If you’re LA based, like us, then it’s likely your friends, family and acquaintances are in LA. Starting with your inner circle allows you to test out and modify your pitch to people who will be kindest to you.

It also means you’re putting the initial (hardest) effort into the place where you have the most influence. People are willing to listen to what you have to say and people willing to advocate for you.

People on the ground get more done

As an app founder, hustling is essential. The world is desensitized to good ideas (no matter where you are) and getting your foot in the door often requires force.

Beating down doors is a lot easier if you are physically in the location. Don’t underestimate the power of persuasion that comes from tenaciously camping outside the right doors to make sure your ideas are heard.

Intimacy gives you leverage

Investing your energy where you have the most control and physical presence, means that you can respond quickly to the questions and desires of your audience and potential investors or clients.


Face to face relationships are more intimate than online conversations. Building intimate connections with your users, clients, and investors is how you’re going to ensure that you’re developing your app to meet the needs of your target market.

It is how you build loyalty and long-term advocates.

Once you have developed a local user base, you can then begin to look abroad, and you can also begin to look at how to monetize. Users are your currency, without them you have nothing.

Building a user base is easiest where you have a network, knowledge, and influence. Don’t complicate the process unnecessarily.

If you’re an LA local looking to take your app to the next level, get in touch with the team at Creative27 to learn how we design, develop and market award-winning apps for clients from Fortune 500 companies through to innovative startups.

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