A strong online presence is essential for digital marketing agencies. So is building a remarkable website for introducing your company to the world.

Although it displays your company’s identity, “About Us” pages are usually overlooked. Therefore, you need to create a unique page that represents your digital marketing agency.

When you truly think about it, developing a
website is in a lot of ways, a task that requires sheer determination and an
exercise of willpower. There is no doubt there will be plenty of stages where
you will easily be distracted by the fundamentals of the entire design process.
And when that happens, most people forget about the most vital aspects of the
website, and that is building compelling and unique content.   

It is that unique content that will play an instrumental role in furthering your inbound marketing strategies, converting leads into sales and propel your brand’s visibility to new heights.

So, the question is, how can you streamline the alignment of your unique content and match it with your website design needs? It is pretty simple; you create a remarkable “About Us” page.

For an exceptional page, the first thing you need to do is determine the intrinsic identity and value of your company and then concoct a creative mix of words to share it with the rest of the globe.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it isn’t that easy! Contrary to popular belief, it is important to understand that your “About Us” page is one of the most vital aspects of your online identity, and there is no question you need to put in the time and effort to ensure it is supremely crafted.

What goes into the best “About Us” page design?

There are a couple of imperative factors that go into crafting a great context. The page should:

  • Contain relevant information. The page
    does not necessarily have to outline your company’s entire journey, its success
    story, etc. However, what it should do is be able to transparently and uniquely
    give your target audience a clear idea of what you are all about.
  • Reflect relatable information. It is
    wise to add testimonials and social proof as well as information that your
    target audience can easily relate to – for example, mention your family, people
    who have driven you to achieve success, your education, what makes you an
    authority in your industry, etc.
  • Must be useful to the end-user. This
    goes without saying, but your about page must absolutely be relevant, engaging
    and captivating for the user.

If you have worked out all these factors, there is no doubt you can come up with a smooth and natural-sounding about page with high readability. But, if you are yet to come up with something exclusive and captivating, mentioned below are some truly interesting about us examples for your inspiration.

1. Advantix


A great example of digital marketing agency vision and mission.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see the “About Us” page of Advantix – beautiful simplicity! Look at how they have used images to outline their commitment and determination to help businesses grow.

Advantix has clearly displayed its journey and dominance in the market in a few yet highly creative, infographics-styled theme.  

2. Bowen


Passion for instilling creativity.

Here is another example of how you can incorporate videos and text to explain what you are all about in a short, sweet and casual manner. With meticulous attention to detail, Bowen perfectly captures the essence of an interactive and captivating on their “About Us” page.

The sheer “human” element of how they have explained their journey and humanizing the brand is enough to convince you that they really do mean business!

Introducing the company founders and
listing their names and photos uniquely, points out to the fact that they have
the passion for instilling creativity and making clients happy.



A captivating yet minimal “About Us” page design.

Women-owned business, BSTRO is a creative digital marketing agency transforming online businesses across the globe. On their main profile page, you can find everything about their team, how to get a consultation and their awards.

BSTRO’s about page is a good example of how advantageous it is to keep the information as minimal, to-the-point and captivating at the same time. 

4. Due North


Simple and to-the-point.

An Australia-based digital marketing company, the first attention-grabbing thing you will see on their main page is their rate of business growth and the flurry of positive customer testimonials.

While the “Why Us” page of Due North is text-intensive, you will immediately notice how everything they have written pertains to the amount of value they have generated for their clients and how they will help you navigate your business. It is simple and to-the-point.

5. Mimosa Agency


A creative “About” page template.

There is no doubt a company is only as good as its team – and Mimosa Agency has displayed this quite creatively, giving backgrounds of their all vital team members.

The creative faces behind the company’s success. Mimosa has managed to beautifully keep it simple – instilling a feeling of trust while delivering you a unique selling point.

6. Redonk Marketing


Keeping things simple.

Redonk is a customer experience agency operating in the US. Their message is clear and honest. Redonk Marketing‘s “Who We Are” page rocks primarily due to one thing, they have successfully managed to skip all the industry babble, keeping things simple.

People love to read and hear straight talk about how exactly it is you are going to help them grow. If your target audience does not know what you do, why would they ever need you in the first place?

7. Mad Fish Digital

Divided into four sections which are Team, Careers, Culture, and Community, Mad Fish Digital knows how to express the agency in the best way. One of the eye-catching details in their “About Us” page was the Code of Ethics written by them to ensure their standards.

We think this one would be a great example for digital agencies who are aiming to provide the best service considering all the ethics.

Check out the Mad Fish Digital’s “About Us” page as you will find more information about the agency culture and the great team.

8. True Agency


One of the best “About Us” page examples.

Why their page simply rocks? They have completely shattered the traditional mold! True that this post all about how you can leverage the power of a good about page.

However, there are times when you can make a clear statement before prompting your target audience to go to your about page. That is exactly what True Agency did here.

A digital marketing agency in Australia, True Agency incorporated a slightly edgy yet interactive parallax scrolling displaying their products and services right on their homepage.

9. Y Media Labs


Simple and professional.

Dubbed as the most innovative digital media marketing companies in Silicon Valley by the Wall Street Journal, it is pretty easy to see why that is such a truism.

The instant you glance at the about page of Y Media Labs, you will immediately see how they are able to generate such value for businesses. With a strictly corporate template along with the simplicity of their achievements and human resource, for them, less is more!

10. Tangent


Capturing the target audience.

Instead of using a traditional “About” page template and just writing a couple of paragraphs of how they formed or what they are all about, Tangent used a more compelling way to capture their target audience.

The company has also posted photos of its team members, along with a brief description that encompasses the company’s vision and its values.  

11. Search&Gather

The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.

Search & Gather is a digital marketing agency that helps startups in Canada to grow. The agency’s motto on their “About” page is simple yet meaningful: “If our clients are happy, then so we are”.

Obviously, they stick to this approach while adding each team member by highlighting their happy moments into the page. Continue scrolling down, and you will see a quote by famous creative director Bill Bernbach:

The most powerful element in advertising is the truth.

12. Bliss Digital


Putting the team forward proudly.

Bliss Media is a strategic digital agency that has offices located in Melbourne and Sydney. They are collaborating with brands and organizations to co-design best-class experiences for their users.

The agency emphasizes that they are excited about our work and how it positively impacts people. Also, the agency declares that they are proud of the minds that work at their company. Therefore, they have a positive and detailed “About Us” page, which put each of their team members forward proudly, which is a positive aspect for a company.

13. Impression

Working at Impression | Careers at a Multi-Award Winning Digital Agency from Impression on Vimeo.

A video about office life.

Impression is a multi-award winning digital marketing agency located in Nottingham and London. The agency is specialized in the delivery of high-performance campaigns across SEO, PPC, digital PR, CRO and web design. The digital agency is also the winner of the Best Large SEO Agency at the UK Search Awards and European Search Awards.

Their “About Us” page is light and easy to read. The page’s main focus is the key points of what distinguishes them from other agencies. Impression’s page stands out by providing a video portrays their office life, which is a useful detail for potential employees.

14. Bulldog Digital Media

Detailed information on their agency culture.

Bulldog Digital Media has offices in London & Essex. The agency uses digital marketing to drive traffic, deliver leads and skyrocket sales.

You’ll find their “About” title at the top menu. This detailed section has three subpages: “About Bulldog”, “Behind the Bulldog” and “Culture”. We recommend you to watch the video in the first section to learn more about the agency. But don’t skip the fun videos of the team and their office life themed posts on the other sections!

15. The Charles

Highlighting the agency culture.

A good about us page needs to humanize the business and highlight its team, values, and culture. In this respect, New York-based agency The Charles has done a great job.

The agency’s about us page is full of photographs and videos of the team and the agency. We can also feel their aesthetic approach from this section. Plus, they share the agency’s working process and their thoughts on culture, art, and technology.

16. Devotion


Experienced team of digital experts.

Devotion is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Sydney. On their about us section, Devotion puts their experienced team of digital experts. Besides, we can see the agency’s distinctive features from every angle.

These are Devotion’s team members, principles, and even the meaning of their name.

17. Crowdform

Creating innovative platforms, apps, and websites for startups and global brands.

London-based digital agency Crowdform defines themselves as a digital product and venture activation studio. The agency
truly cares about bringing powerful digital products to life and with a team of
designers and developers they are always ready to take the next step for continued

By visiting their “About Us” page, you will see the number of projects they’ve completed as well as the countries they’ve worked with so far. What is more, the pictures from the office and team will warmly welcome you and give you an idea about how is the working environment in Crowdform’s office.

18. Cubicle Ninjas

Cubicle Ninjas define themselves as explorers, strategists, storytellers, innovators, creators, editors, filmmakers, developers, and designers dedicated to implementing one-of-a-kind customer experiences through the union of research, design, and technology.

Their “About Us” page has a button that directs visitors to know more about them through a short video. If you would like to know more about the team and a day at Cubicle Ninjas, you are just a click away.

Don’t forget to scroll down and read more about the method of their work as well as the agency’s awards.

19. Engine Digital

One part, digital consultancy. One part, design and engineering studio.

A diverse team of strategists, designers, and engineers… Engine Digital helps its clients grow through new digital products, platforms, and experiences.

Their “About Us” page is very successful as it says it all in short but impressive sentences. Don’t forget to read the quotes shared by the team as they give some clues about their business approach as well as the experiences in the industry.

20. Mighty Roar

“We make mighty brands even mightier.

Straight to the point, Mighty Roar‘s “About Us” page tells everything about the agency.

Without getting lost in the details, the Mighty Roar team shares all the necessary information such as service types, clients and agency’s approach just on one page.

21. The Good Marketer

Client-focused, happily affordable, dedicated team

The Good Marketer welcomes their visitors with a timeline featuring the important steps that the agency has taken in two years period on their “About Us” page.

What is more, the team answers two significant questions: Why The Good Marketer is different than other digital agencies and why choose them?

22. Luminary

Well, they share the lexical meaning of their name:

Luminary (n). One who has attained eminence in their field. One who inspires. Luminary supports protects and guides the way. 

Even this statement alone makes Luminary‘s “About Us” page unique. What is more, they also share a timeline of events that have shaped the agency they are today, as they turned 20!

23. Edgar Allan


Very cozy office at a farm.

Edgar Allan is an agency giving services for brand strategy and responsive web design. However, as you can see from their About Us page, they care for more than that.

They have a very unique and cozy studio which makes people want to visit. You are likely to smell strong coffee, hear llamas, see a movie set, and even get warm next to a stove in the autumn and winter.

They have a very unique and cozy studio which makes people want to visit. You are likely to smell strong coffee, hear llamas, see a movie set, and even get warm next to a stove in the autumn and winter.

Their wording shows that they are very creative, and fun to work with. You may also see the pictures of lucky team members and which department they are working at. It might not be easy to visit their real office, but you shouldn’t miss the chance to visit their About Us page.

So there you have it – some great and inspiring digital marketing agency “About Us” page designs you can truly leverage to create a visually appealing, highly readable and relevant page for your agency business.

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