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A group of successful entrepreneurs make predictions about the future of  VR in business.

12 members from Young Entrepreneur Council, community of successful young entrepreneurs explain how “Virtual Reality” technologies will be used by businesses in the next years:

1. Brands Will Use VR to Improve Customer Loyalty 

Brands and VR were made for each other. Businesses and brands will engage consumers with story-driven VR experiences that educate and entertain. This will create a new kind of relationship between brands and their audience as they start becoming active participants instead of passive bystanders. The hardest thing to do as a brand is to get your audience to actually feel something. Immersive, interactive VR experiences will get people closer to feeling, which gets people closer to caring.

Ashleigh Hansberger, Motto

2. There Will Be Changes in Teleconferencing

Trying to connect everyone by phone and talking to laggy, pixelated faces on a flat screen is probably one of the most hated things in modern business. Virtual reality will change that and allow these sorts of meetings to take on a more personal and natural feel. As the technology progresses hopefully it will be able to incorporate expressions, eye contact and other human elements we currently lack. This will make our telecommuting lives better and our meetings more productive. When fully formed it might even reduce business travel significantly.

Tony Scherba, Yeti

3. It Will Improve E-Commerce for Products That Require Fit

Complemented with augmented reality, VR will have a big impact on online shopping. One industry that’s not making as big a breakthrough as others is shopping for things that need to fit well (whether clothes for you or furniture for your place). Being able to “see” those things to determine the fit will remove the handicap for these products and open the floodgates for online shopping that have been lagging. It will be amazing to see how a couch would look in your living room before buying it.

Tolga Tanriseven, GirlsAskGuys


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