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UX design focuses on improving customer experience with the help of utility, ease of use and successful campaigns. Moreover, it can enable you to connect your target audience to your services and products.

Most of the online users are less likely to return to a site if they have a poor experience. However, a superior UX design can build a great brand interaction and enable users to come back.

What are The Top UX Design Agencies in Toronto?

Here, we have listed the best UX design agencies in Toronto, creating successful campaigns for brands:

  • Pound & Grain
  • Bookmark
  • Crowd
  • Social Media 55
  • Community
  • Pixelpusher

Pound & Grain

Pound & Grain is a digital agency that hustles hard to make users happy. They deliver results and connect audiences with high-level strategy and creative thinking.

With offices in Toronto and Vancouver, they think big by bringing ideas to life, designing experiences and telling stories.

In addition, as a UX design agency, they connect people with performance-based results from successful campaigns.


Canada’s premiere shipping container storage and moving provider BigSteelBox came to Pound & Grain with the challenge of making their brand more digitally focused – both from a user experience and a digital marketing perspective. With a user-centric website designed to move customers through the experience with ease, the campaign achieved a great result.


Bookmark is a content and communications company with experts at engaging consumers, driving sales and transforming brands.

As a full-service global marketing company, they bring together content and communications and can deliver powerful campaigns for your brand with the services; branding, content marketing, digital PR, eCommerce marketing, mobile app development, social media marketing, and UI/UX design.

They distribute their content in more than 180 countries worldwide as long as the understanding of local cultures on a global platform.

Besides all those experiences and all-in-one services for the digital campaigns, they also partner with large, established brands as well as new, disruptive ones, especially in the travel, hospitality, retail, luxury and lifestyle industries.


Crowd is an award-winning, global creative and performance media agency that supports forward-thinking governments, independent businesses and multinational enterprises. Furthermore, they focus on branding, content marketing, digital PR, influencer marketing, mobile app development, video production, PPC, SEO, social media marketing, UI/UX design, web development, and inbound marketing.

Plus, they have an international team with some of the brightest minds in the digital communications and strategy space. By working hard to stay ahead of the curve, they always keep exploring effective and innovative ways to build brand presence by considering user experience design.

Moreover, they offer joined-up creative thinking and deliver cutting-edge campaigns that transform business commercials and brand engagement. Through the brand experiences they create, they can build successful campaigns along with your UX design strategy.

Social Media 55

Social Media 55 is an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal.

Web experts come together at Social Media 55, understanding how to design and develop websites that are ready to convert.

They can create innovative solutions for your business by delivering the right type of audience to you with the most effective strategies and campaigns as possible.

Their UX and UI principles can ensure your website doesn’t just float aimlessly in cyberspace. Also, you can increase the chances of being indexed, ranked, found, and ultimately, to turn users into customers by focusing on user experience.


KRFTWRK is a product marketing agency specializing in high-quality design prototypes & marketing processes for tech, startup, and SaaS. If you are looking for long-term success, then they are here with the motto of “change starts here”.

Meanwhile, they realize this sustainable working through rapid prototyping, and growth marketing tactics.

They form the groundwork for custom application design with information architecture and user stories. Fusion Pharmaceuticals collaborated with them to reflect the complex science behind their project with colourful yet clear copy and interactive visuals on their website. As a result, they improved user experience by adding movement and clickable elements to each page.


Community is a full service, vertically integrated agency. With digital marketers, web developers, designers and SEO specialists, they specialize in digital marketing.

Their digital team understands the technology that drives the world. Therefore, they can develop more than just ideas, and also strategies that leverage technology to new heights; engaging audiences, empowering brands and exceeding business objectives.

Moreover, they put the user first and ensure a streamlined platform that combines strategic insights with innovative solutions. In this way, they can create a beautifully designed product for your business.


Pixelpusher is an experience design consultancy and digital production shop that focuses on the creative ideation and execution of experience design.

Their team with experience in UX design and its practical application can provide you a consistent and quality brand interaction.

What’s more, they can also guide you to the solutions and develop campaigns that will make your brand shine.

If your visitors can’t find the amazing content and features of your website, what’s the point of them? Well, user experience can create a great difference to maximize the usability of your site.

Hereby, any website and landing page needs perfect planning and understanding for UX design that will guide the users.

Let’s collaborate with one of the best UX design agencies that we have listed above, and then create a consistent and positive brand experience. If you also want to explore more services, you can see the top digital agencies in Toronto.

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