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Your potential customers are all on social media. So, you have to attract them over there with a social media strategy planned by a social media agency.

Social media marketing is a great opportunity for any businesses to have a direct access and connection with their target audience. So, it is inevitable that you should have a well-prepared strategy in order to appeal to your buyer persona.

Digital agencies know all the aspects of digital marketing as they usually offer a wide range of services. This know-how on different services will contribute to their work for social media.

For example, their knowledge of content marketing and web design will definitely affect their work for your social media campaigns. In a positive way, of course. They will know how to analyze your target audience and how to emphatize with them. Moreover, they will know which content would convince them into buying your product or being your customer.

It can be organic, paid or programmatic social media needs, social media agencies will be there for you to help you to reach your goals. Hereby, you should consult and trust the experts of this.

What are the top social media agencies in Chicago?

We have compiled a list of best social media agencies for you:

  • Blue Fountain Media
  • The Charles
  • Magnani
  • Bookmark
  • Solid Digital
  • Perfect Search Media
  • Be Found Online (BFO)
  • Method Engine
  • Monday Loves You

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media is a digital agency with offices in Chicago, New York and Seattle. Building a social following and engaging your audience requires channel expertise, strategic thinking, and the ability to build relationships.

A strong social media partner can provide you with multi-channel marketing experience, content development capabilities and data-driven decision-making.

Blue Fountain Media’s social media marketing services comprise research & social listening, channel planning & optimization, content creation, organic social, paid social and measurement & reporting.

The Charles

The Charles is a full service, creative and digital agency. Their services comprise strategic campaigns, digital design, technology and content creation. All the services in digital marketing are somehow connected to each other. Hereby, while they are helping you with social media marketing, they also use their know-how on their other specialities.

The Charles undertook an in-depth look at The Tony Awards competitive landscape and target audience, learning everything about who their existing audience is, how they engage with social media.


After the successful campaign run by The Charles, they have achieved a 113% increase in extended reach volume with a high volume of interactions and social shares besides 45% blended average engagement increase YOY across all social channels.


Being established in 1985, Magnani is an experience design and strategy firm. According to them, their services span three major practice areas: insight, innovation and experience design. Imagine that they combine this know-how with social media marketing.

They promise to help you to find new opportunities in every channel and point of customer interaction. As their service includes UI/UX design as well, they are good at empathising with your potential customers and current buyer personas.


Although this article focuses on the social media agencies in Chicago, we must tell that Bookmark is a global digital agency with their offices in 4 different continents. When you first launch their website, you can see “Welcome to Bookmark” text in a lot of different languages. They welcome you whichever country you are from and whatever your mother tongue is.

They are highly adaptable and can deliver quickly, effectively and efficiently for local and global brands. You will see this if you decide to work with them as your social media agency. Their social media services include a strategy, media buying, community management, influencer outreach and content creation & distribution.

A premium eyewear brand Silhouette has approached to Bookmark for a social media and content marketing. With the successful strategies by Bookmark, the brand has got 12K new Instagram followers with a +5% more post engagement. They have reached to 3.7 million people via social media channels.

Solid Digital

Solid Digital is a full-service digital agency, guiding businesses to achieve digital growth through award-winning work in design, software development and digital marketing.

They will help you to engage with your customers and potential buyer persona through social media. Solid Digital helps you to keep the conversation flowing across the platforms where your customers are. They do this with original content, engagement strategies, and targeted paid & organic campaigns that delight your followers, garner more of them, and lead to more conversions.

Perfect Search Media

Perfect Search Media is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Chicago. You know that social media advertising can help you to bring in purchases, leads, and boost brand awareness. With their +15 years of experience in digital marketing, they are a dedicated Facebook agency partner manager and a Facebook Blueprint certified buyer.

Apart from the most known social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, they can also create a social media strategy for the less-preferred channels such as Quora, Reddit, Snapchat, Waze and Trip Advisor. Just let them know what you need. Or don’t! Just contact them and they will tell you what your needs are in social media.

Be Found Online (BFO)

Chicago-based digital agency Be Found Online comprises an international team of digital marketing experts. They aim to help their clients and communities to grow through paid media, organic search and analytics.

Their paid social media campaign consists of four main phases: identifying, creating, testing and repeating. Mobile advertising, video advertising and remarketing can be considered as the supporting services.

In their case study with Seacoast Bank, through strategic management, they improved CTR, decreased cost per click and drove 393% more conversions in August compared to January.

Method Engine

Method Engine is a full-service interactive agency that offers a unique mix of strategy, design and development to help their clients build their brands and connect with customers more effectively.


Firstly, they focus on understanding your business and marketing objectives. Method Engine works with their clients to set a strategy based on their business needs, customer research, and market realities.

Monday Loves You

Monday Loves You has got one of our favorite agency websites. Whether you ask for any services from them or not, you should enjoy exploring their colorful and inspiring webpages.

They claim that “they can solve big problems”. Regardless of the size of your problem, you can reach out to them as your social media agency to create the best strategy for you.

This article is to provide you with a list of social media agencies in Chicago. If you are interested in other digital agencies and other services they offer, you may see our page for the best digital agencies in Chicago.

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