Shopify agencies help you to create your website on Shopify for your online store. While doing that, they consider every possibility to boost your return on investment (ROI).

Shopify is an eCommerce company, founded in 2004 and headquartered in Ottowa, Ontario, Canadia. Whatever WordPress is for a website, Shopify is the same for eCommerce-focused websites.

Why have Shopify websites become so popular?

Shopify is a licensed eCommerce platform which has got very popular recently all over the world thanks to its advantages such as its user-friendly functionalities and well-integrated payment opportunities.

It requires a huge amount of budget and time to invest in creating and designing your own website from scratch in order to sell something online. Also, you have to consider web design, hosting, user experience, SEO, payment subscriptions, cloud to store them etc. However, Shopify agencies take all these into consideration on behalf of you.

Shopify has its own system and themes, which you can easily adjust your plans into. Their reliable software enables you to manage the delivery process of your products easily. So, you do not need to worry about the payment system, money transfer issues etc.

People can order products through your Shopify site, pay through the systems set in Shopify, and you can also check all these processes. On Shopify, you can sell your products in different countries and in different currencies via geolocation.

What does a Shopify agency do and why would
you need them?

Although Shopify makes it easier for a brand to deal with eCommerce, there are still things to do so as to create a valuable brand and do an effective content management system integration. You have to make sure your pages appeal to your buyer persona for example. For that, there are Shopify agencies to help you out.

Shopify agencies are usually experienced in digital marketing in a wide range of service types.

They know which words can impress your target audience, which would mean content marketing. The agencies would pay attention to the words used in the texts to help you rank in Google search, which is SEO. They would check if your website is user-friendly enough for your target audience, which is UX design. In addition to all these, they would also care about the design, images, logos etc. on your site.

They will see different things on a website with digital experience in their background.

Who are the best Shopify agencies?

Here is the compiled list of Shopify agencies from the world to boost your ROI:

  • Kota
  • Mobiteam
  • Emote Digital
  • Rabbit Studio
  • Meta Creative
  • Lamb
  • seoplus+
  • iamota
  • Avex
  • Digital Cake


A London-based digital agency Kota is a progressive
and insightful design agency, technically and creatively skilled to translate
your brand into its best digital self.


They create Shopify driven eCommerce websites converting users into customers.


Mobiteam is a Berlin-based
creative web design agency. They specialized on creating high-end, modern websites
& online shops at real prices. Their clients get websites that sell,
attract and obtain market and customer’s respect.

They deliver custom software development on an extended range of technologies. They optimize your monthly costs by delivering on-demand dedicated professional software developers, without the need to hire any.

Emote Digital

With offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Manchester, Emote Digital is an eCommerce and marketing agency.

They are expertly positioned in Australia to design and develop beautiful eCommerce sites that deliver big results, with increases in conversions and revenue by as much as 300%.

Rabbit Studio

Rabbit Studio is an inclusive digital agency based in
Hong Kong. They are energetic and committed to their clients, aiming to build
perfect projects.

They create and develop eCommerce solutions for their clients’ web platform. They are experienced in this with the right payment process, user flow and digital transformation.

Meta Creative

Meta Creative is a boutique web design and digital agency, located in Perth, Australia. Specialising in digital marketing and web design solutions for a new and established business.


Their services include social media, web design, WordPress, Shopify and branding. Most importantly, their process is simple and they love to communicate with the client to make the journey as easy and stress-free as possible.


Lamb Agency is a premium digital agency based in Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia. In the last two years, they have delivered an average 36% increase in conversion rate. They specialize in Shopify. They work with clients that need Shopify and their development practice and process are honed to the Shopify platform.


seoplus+ is a digital marketing agency serving clients
globally with offices in Calgary, Ottawa and Toronto.

They serve clients across a multitude of verticals with the goal of generating leads and increasing sales for your business. Also, they are an official Google Premier Partner and a Shopify Expert.

Their web design projects follow a comprehensive five-step process: discovery, creation, technics, review and testing, and launch phases.


iamota is a Vancouver-based design-led digital agency with a focus on eCommerce. They help their clients tell their stories, sell their products and design their services.

They’re an official Shopify Plus Agency Partner. They collaborate closely with the Shopify Plus team and Shopify Plus tech partners to help enterprise-sized merchants to succeed in e-commerce.


Avex is a full-service, creative digital agency in New York City. They take a brand-first approach to eCommerce. From design and development to growth marketing and content, they use their expertise to provide an amazing experience that elevates your brand as a whole.

As a Shopify Plus Partner, they help ambitious brands achieve unrivaled growth. Through stylish UI designs, mobile-first websites, and bespoke Shopify integrations, they build more than websites. They build brand experiences.

Digital Cake

Digital Cake is a full-service digital agency specialising in providing strategy, Shopify builds and digital marketing to start-up and fast-growing digital businesses.

Whether you’re looking for a bespoke Shopify build, assistance with your SEO strategy or a boost in your social media activity, their expert team know exactly how to deliver the results that you need.

What are the advantages of Shopify?

There are other platforms similar to Shopify such as Magento,
Woocommerce and Opencart. However, Shopify is considered to be the most
user-friendly platform compared to its competitors.

With Shopify, you can create a website just like you create on WordPress, but with more eCommerce focus. Here are the main reasons why eCommerce brands prefer Shopify more:

  • Its user-friendly interface for ease-of-use,
  • Reliable online payment systems integrated,
  • Themes available for your online store,
  • The ability to follow product sale process clearly,
  • Very clear call-to-option opportunities.

These are the main reasons why Shopify has been considered to be superior to its competitors such as Magneto and Woocommerce.

Whether it is a small or large-scale business, Shopify agencies can enhance your business by starting to create your website via Shopify.

If you are interested in seeing different examples from eCommerce agencies, you can check our blog on eCommerce agencies with great projects.

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