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SEO agencies should be your main point of contact for the best SEO (search engine optimization) strategies and planning for your brand or company.

Most of the digital agencies have SEO as one of their services with the significantly increasing importance of SEO in the digital presence. However, it is vital to find an SEO agency with experience and real capability.

SEO might sound easy at first. But, having a team of SEO experts can optimise your site with effective content, structure, and strategies. Because, that is what would lead to real organic traffic.

What are the best SEO agencies located in Sydney?

Here, we have prepared the list of the best SEO agencies with great campaigns:

  • Emote Digital
  • Luminary
  • Frank Digital
  • Croud
  • Deepend
  • LOOP
  • One Egg Digital
  • Reef Digital
  • Multimediax
  • In Marketing We Trust
  • Tzu & Co.

Emote Digital

Streamlining your digital marketing strategies with Emote Digital takes the stress and hassle out of dealing with multiple digital marketing agencies across Sydney.

The SEO experts at Emote Digital know how to optimise your site, increase your web traffic, and get beautiful results. SEO is about getting your website seen and ranked, but it also needs to work harmoniously with your other marketing strategies for the best results.

This is where Emote Digital shines. They’re able to pinpoint not only weaknesses but also opportunities for massive growth. Finally, your keywords, campaigns, messages, and imagery can benefit from a cohesive approach across all mediums.

This holistic approach to digital marketing is the biggest advantage of working with Emote Digital. They’re one of the best SEO agencies, but they’re also so much more than that.


Luminary has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Being one of the best SEO agencies in Sydney, Luminary is proud to have been creating digital experiences since 1999.

With a portfolio including some of the most important names in Australian government, retail and the corporate sector, their knowledge and understanding of the digital world is well recognised.

Frank Digital

Frank Digital is an award-winning digital agency combining strategy, creativity and technology to deliver beautiful digital experiences across all channels and devices. They have offices in Melbourne and Sydney.

They combine the end-to-end capabilities of a large agency with the attitude and approach of a nimble independent.

Frank Digital has worked with important Australian brands such as City of Sydney, Campos Coffee, AMP Capital and Merivale.


Founded in 2011, Croud is now one of the largest independent digital agencies, with offices in New York, London and Sydney, 192 staff, and 2,300 experts in the network.

At Croud, data informs everything they do, and their SEO strategy is a comprehensive blend of technical optimisation and content creation, amplified by content marketing, digital PR, and paid media activity.

A successful campaign is supported by specialists in Croud across the three pillars of SEO: technical work, content creation and link development and amplification.


Deepend is a strategic design consultancy consisting of experts in digital experience and product development.

They always look to balance system and human data to ensure they are landing not just optimisation of existing data sets but also driving new insights.


As one of the best SEO agencies in Sydney, Deepend, has been designing, developing and creating positive change for their clients for over two decades. Some of their clients are Flordis, Australian Radio Network, Charles Darwin University and Marriot.


LOOP is a bold-thinking creative digital agency working for leading brands worldwide. They have offices in Sydney, Berlin, Copenhagen and New York.

They are experts as an SEO agency with their experience in creating SEO-friendly content for their high-profile clients such as PUMA, Grundig, Durex, Breitling and Nespresso.

Exceptional digital projects start with a solid strategy. Research, competitor analysis, target group understanding and trend exploration help us to determine how your brand should behave in the digital landscape and to identify the best opportunities.

One Egg Digital

Sydney-based digital agency One Egg specialises in SEO, SEM, email marketing and analytics for medium to large enterprises. They focus on driving leads & revenue for top companies.

Then, SEO agencies can work with you on converting all your new traffic into qualified customers. One Egg’s SEO planning includes SEO audits and training, local and international SEO, keyword research, eCommerce SEO, WordPress SEO and link building.

They have been in collaboration with a lot of big brands including LegalVision, Aventus Property Group, and Fred Hollows Foundation. With the SEO implementation they did for Fred Hollows Foundation, they had a 177% increase in the organic revenue as well as a 40% increase in SEO visibility score.

Reef Digital

Reef Digital is a Sydney-based SEO agency for lasting organic search visibility. When you choose Reef Digital as your SEO agency, they work closely with you to first understand your customers. Then, they build, manage and optimise digital marketing campaigns around those journeys.

Their comprehensive SEO services aim to help you to achieve the top organic search positions, understand your customers and build momentum with SEO. Reef Digital is an SEO agency in Sydney with impressive success stories:


Some of their clients are Fresh Flowers, Asics, Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, MSC Cruises, Crunch Fitness and Adecco. Reef’s SEO work for Crunch Fitness results in 101% increase in gym sign-ups. As for SEO services for MSC cruises, PPC delivers a 200% increase in online bookings while reducing CPA by 42%.


Multimediax is an integrated digital marketing agency based in Sydney. Since 2001, their team has been helping Australian and international businesses with personalised service and real results. You can consult them for a wide range of services in digital marketing.

Their extensive experience with all digital marketing channels provides their clients with an unparalleled advantage. They have collaborated with different companies and brands such as Australian Jockey Association, NSW Government, Opallac and LHD Lawyers.

In Marketing We Trust

In Marketing We Trust is a global digital marketing agency, specialising in SEO, PPC, CRO and analytics for brands that are serious about growth. Skyscanner, eBay, Greenpeace and Globus are just a few examples of the brands that they have worked with.

In their work with Globus, in one month with just a 7% increase in spending, they have achieved 47% increase in click-through rate, 45% increase in conversions and 27% reduction in CPA.

Tzu & Co.

Tzu & Co. is a digital strategy, data science and marketing consulting firm that specialises in helping large slower-moving legacy organisations.

You can trust Tzu & Co. as your SEO agency. They have worked with Western Union, ANCA, Qantas Freight, The Australian Workers’ Union and many more well-known brands with successful results.

We have compiled the best SEO agencies in Sydney. However, if you would like to check more agencies for different services, you can see our list for digital marketing agencies in Sydney.

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