Marketing analytics is one of the most important subjects for especially startups and small businesses. The reason is that they are more likely to use technology in any way and get results more quickly as they are growing and improving every day.

Through marketing analytics, you can measure and analyze your data so as to see the positive and negative impacts of your marketing activities.

You can just choose one of the best marketing analytics tools and let them track and collect your data from marketing channels. In this way, you can get insights into your digital marketing strategy and predict the effects of your future campaigns.

You are focusing on your multiple projects and aiming to develop your business by promoting your products. However, does the time passes for valuable practices? You can evaluate your efforts with marketing analytics tools and enable your startup or small business to become more productive by scaling your performance.

How to Improve Startups and Small Businesses with Marketing Analytics Tools

We have listed the best marketing analytics tools that startups and small businesses can use for continuous progress in 2020. So, you can think of the focus of your business and make your decision about your partnership.

There are multiple types of marketing analytics tools that can help your brand stay at the top of its performance all the time. Those can be marketing and advertising data, mobile marketing, content insights, visitor recordings, SEO insights, keyword or product analysis. Hereby, all of them present solutions for better results in your marketing plans.

Think of the main idea and goal of your business, and have a look at the top marketing analytics tools below:

  • Funnel
  • Kissmetrics
  • AppsFlyer
  • Hotjar
  • Chartio
  • Moz Pro
  • Mixpanel
  • Marketo
  • TrackMaven


Funnel, a marketing analytics tool, can help you find all your marketing and advertising data where you want it. Plus, the integrations with over 500 data sources make your job easier to get insight from your marketing campaigns.

If we are going to talk about how it works, we should mention collecting, transforming and feeding the data and utilizing it anywhere you need.

Besides all, you can have the chance to work in the data visualization tool of your choice. Also, you can enjoy the advantage of Funnel with a data guarantee, which makes it different from other tools.

Hereby, you can book a demo with your business email and explore the capabilities of Funnel.


Kissmetrics is a useful marketing analytics tool for your product and marketing teams. You can accelerate the website of your startup growth with modern analytics.

Look what is possible for your small business or startup to step up to the next level:

  • Generate more revenue per customer
  • Measure monthly recurring revenue by cohort
  • Lifetime value by customer type

Furthermore, you can fill out a form to plan your free demo. If you decide to keep using it, you can get more customers by making smarter decisions and boosting your bottom line with Kissmetrics.


Trust is an important issue when it comes to data. SaaS mobile marketing analytics and attribution platform AppsFlyer can ensure to get your trust with accurate data, a customer-centric approach, and privacy by design.


Your marketing touches every point of your business so you need to generate an overall strategy. Therefore, it gives you all the tools you need to drive marketing success.

You can engage your users, analyze your performance in the real-time, segment and manage your audiences.

What’s more, you can feel safe with 24/7 access to all of your user-level mobile attribution and marketing data. If you feel ready to get your mobile marketing decision, then start your free 30-day full-feature trial. You can also request a demo and then join the leading brands worldwide that choose AppsFlyer.


Hotjar is “the fast & visual way to understand your users” according to their definition. Everything you and your team need to get the insights to make the right changes to your marketing strategy is a service of Hotjar.

What’s great is that you can try it free, no credit card needed. You can make sure of safety and privacy as they always care about end-user privacy through GDPR and CCPA.

With powerful features such as visitor recordings, conversion funnels, form analysis, feedback polls, incoming feedback, surveys, it is an all-in-one solution for marketers, product managers, and UX designers.

It’s time to try Hotjar business for with 15-day free trial. In the end, you can imagine what it’s like to get all the features and become one of the 500,000 companies that use Hotjar across 184+ countries.

Furthermore, you can see all of its features through the full product tour on their website.


Marketing analytics tool Chartio stands right in the heart of where teams explore data. It brings your data together by letting you create powerful dashboards from your company’s data and quickly discover insights.


Now and future matters for the progress of your business. In order to make an effort for the right projects, you can start exploring and transforming your data with Chartio’s revolutionary visual SQL solution.

Well, why wait for the future? Let’s begin by creating an account and start your 14-day free trial, no credit card needed.

Let your content shine and perform better through You might think that it is a challenging statement. However, the numbers say it is not because over 1,000 content teams use After the great insights, it is possible to improve what doesn’t get a great result and sail to new adventures by testing new ideas.

Content is a powerful tool for brands to tell their story in any kind of medium. However, getting feedbacks to scale your performance is as important as your marketing strategy. Fortunately, you can get instant content feedbacks without the hassle and evaluate it accordingly with

Moreover, you can visualize the performance of your content that lets you learn the best way to engage with your audience.

Now, you can start your free 30-day Starter Tier Trial and let them integrate your site with Analytics. And there is no problem if you won’t go on using because they don’t want your credit card information.

Moz Pro

You can understand the behaviors of your visitors thanks to Moz Pro. After you learn the keywords used and the questions asked, you can create more qualified content.

The analysis you get through Moz Pro will ensure you get the maximum potential to rank for your target keywords. With recommendations to improve page optimization, it will be possible to decide where to spend most of your time.

Full Moz Pro Medium access for 30 days is free. You can get advanced SEO insights and report through the most trusted SEO data. Another thing to know is that you have no commitments, and you are free to cancel any time before purchasing.


Mixpanel is powerful self-serve product analytics that helps you convert, engage, and retain more users.

By driving conversions and engagement, you can understand your customers better. Visual data is essential for analytics. Mixpanel lets you get specific metrics about your users in addition to demographic data.

It can contribute to your business by finding trends in your data and helps you put your plan in action to achieve your goal.

The most effective reasons for marketers that lead them to choose Mixpanel:

  • 298% return on investment
  • 21% improved user engagement
  • +40 billion messages sent every year

You can get free access to all analytics features including flows, cohorts and more, 1,000 monthly tracked users, unlimited accounts for employees alongside 90-day data history. Of course, the rest depends on the needs of your business. So, you better check out all of the packages.


Marketing analytics tool Marketo provides you the power of analyzing marketing performance.


It is a fact that trusting professionals to improve your business is a proven method of development. To do so, you can focus on investment, unify your marketing data, map and measure your customer journey, report flexibility to meet your needs, see the attribution through Marketo.

You can watch a 4-minute demo so as to make a decision if it is the best that meets your needs.


TrackMaven wants to take the hard work and let you relax since it makes it easy to prove marketing ROI.

They believe that data should be an asset to your business. Therefore, they can make it easy to connect and analyze marketing performance across every channel.

Meanwhile, you can make your brand’s story brilliant by letting them become your reporting and insights team.

They explain the marketing analytics service they provide with a slogan: “Go from big data to big ideas.” Well, you can talk to TrackMaven and request a demo if you want to benefit from the expertise of marketing analytics.

Reasons to Use Marketing Analytics Tools for Your Business

  • Understanding the actions of your users through digital channels
  • Identifying the marketing activities that have the possibility to bring in more revenue
  • More specific observation of your target audience
  • Performance evaluation of your marketing campaigns
  • Visualization of your data which shows the big picture
  • Following current trends in order to plan future projects
  • Having an eye on any interactions of your customers by tracking marketing practices
  • Analyzing marketing attribution with marketing analytics tools

As a result of the valuable feedback from your marketing analytics software, you will be able to see the main metrics. In fact, you will have control of your whole digital marketing strategy.

In consequence, marketing analytics tools can help you observe your data and improve your actions as long as making sure that they work.

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