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Digital marketing agency names create differentiation!

The name you choose for your agency plays a crucial role in your brand’s perception and growth. If the agency name reflects your identity and describes your business thoroughly, it can carry your company to the top.

Even if you shouldn’t only focus on the name when you determine your digital marketing company’s business strategy, it can still be surprisingly important.

Every business relationship starts with the first impression.

For an efficient first impression, you certainly need to create a powerful impact through the eyes and ears of your clients. Besides, the first thing that a client interacts is the name of your agency. Therefore, with a name conveying the right message, you can attract people’s attention.

You can think an agency’s name as a handshake. It should tell so many things about your digital marketing agency from the very beginning. But you should stick to the original and avoid using acronyms. Ridicule might be good for raising profile but it is not good for brand trust and longevity.

Memorable, unique digital marketing agency names help customers to remember you

Your agency’s name should also be short as possible and easy to spell in order to prevent misinterpretation. A great digital agency name has the power to build strong and long-lasting relationships with your clients. Also, it can help you to sum up everything that your firm is about.

To avoid difficulties when choosing a domain name and creating business pages on social networks, you need a unique and fresh agency name. Research queries are also important for the search engines, so the name needs to be searchable at the same time.

You can play with keywords and terms in AI-powered agency name generators to find the perfect agency name ideas you are looking for.

AdAge’s Agency Name Generator is an option if you seek for witty and fun digital marketing agency name ideas. But if you are looking for something else, you can check out Namelix or Andea Ad Agency Generator.

Feel free to use any of these generators. You can focus on adjectives like value-added, web-enabled, user-centric, strategic, collaborative, end-to-end when you make your research.

Also, check Massive Media‘s article on choosing the right name for your brand to get more tips and tricks.

Here are the best digital marketing agency names and ideas for inspiration:



Their motto is “infinity and beyond”. The motto all by itself is quite enough to describe why the creative agency’s name is Beyond. They aim to create technology-led solutions and products and want to propel innovation and growth.

An original agency name usually possesses strong distinctiveness that makes an impression.

Digital agency names may seem to be unreasonable at first, but one may savor the thoughtful meanings later. Apparently, making progress by planning the next step and beyond is important for this agency.

Y Media Labs


Y Media Labs are a team of dreamers and doers united by an idea of making difference for their customers as well as their businesses.

Containing the word “lab” in its name, they offer innovative and high-quality, cost-effective solutions on various platforms at scale.

What is more, they create amazing applicable insights using their powerful data for their clients, which help them to connect with their customers at their best.

They have offices in Silicon Valley, Atlanta, Indianapolis and Bangalore.
According to The Wall Street Journal, YML is one of the most innovative
companies in Silicon Valley.

YML X from Y Media Labs on Vimeo.



RNO1 is a West Coast brand experience & digital design agency, fueling growth for ambitious brands across platforms & places. They say that they are “change-makers, in a complex world.”

They used to be called Ruleno.1 (which meant to livethebrand) and then the name transformed into RNO1. They tell that their name has evolved but their passion has remained the same.

As they shared, when the team livethebrand, they embody core principles and beliefs that their tribe gravitates to, and is worth sharing and spreading. It empowers them to go from surface level feelings, to deep, emotionally charged thinking. RNO1 is helping brands to shape connective + contagious experiences, online and offline.

In addition to their logo design, we can also see that they stick to the concept of “waves” on their website design too!

They are a creative team of digital marketers from the West Coast, who are also surfers in the heart.

Major Tom


As a creative digital agency, Major Tom focuses on themes such as discovery, exploration, and strategy. They always try to see the big picture. Discovery and exploration themes bring to mind the concept of space. So they began to explore ideas around this theme.

Discover the journey behind Major Tom’s homepage and why websites are the place to leverage creativity and technology.

Also, the name of the agency has a David Bowie reference. In sum, the agency’s name originated from the fictional character, an astronaut from Bowie’s “Space Oddity” song.

The Charles

To honor:  The legacy of Great Grandfather — Charles Alfred Sealay. To inspire: Our team, our clients and our peers with everythig that we do.

The Charles

As a family-based business, The Charles wanted to build a brand around the legacy of their great grandfather with their core principals to honor and inspire. 

Charles Alfred Selay was their great grandfather born in the West Indies. He was a shipwright and legendary figure within the local community. All the men on their mothers’ side of the family carry the name Charles as they shared with us.


“Crafted” means that the Crafted team never uses templates. All of their design solutions begin with brand research and all of their design is catered to enhance and work with the brand at hand.

What is more, the name also represents that the team is always exploring the new and innovating user interactions, conversion flows and creative storytelling.


According to agency, “Vrrb” is all about action. Vrrb team is an agile team of experts dedicated to taking their business where you want it to go.

Driven to understand your brand, understand your users, and understand your goals, they’ll help you construct the vehicle that brings it all together.

So, as the agency shared, they are always here if it gets the heart pumping and this is the part we love!


Flightpath is a creative digital agency from New York. The name of the agency represents its fast growth and strategic development in client services. Also, the logo with a sleek climb in it reflects direction and momentum.

Flightpath creates emotionally compelling, highly engaging brand stories. Their works are driven by analytics and insights. Moreover, the focus of the agency stays on creating client value through emotional currency.



Crowd is a truly global creative agency. They have offices and studios in San Francisco, New York, Detroit, Toronto, Amsterdam, London, Bournemouth, Dubai, and Shenzen. Basically, they are growing crowds worldwide.

Before deciding on a final name, it is essential to understand the company’s core value and desired identity.

So the creative agency’s name isn’t a surprise as they put the idea of “growing crowds” at the center.


The agency name Tangent can often be associated with the negative connotation of “going off on a tangent”. However, the team at Tangent believes that there’s value in this.

In fact, their process always sees them exploring divergent ideas and test the concepts that inevitably lead the agency to the best solution to a problem. 

As they see themselves as natural-born problem solvers, they think that innovative ideas can only be brought to the table by letting the team’s creativity roam free.

Well, “Tangent” is one of our favorite digital marketing agency names as it is a little risky but a unique choice. The agency reflects all of their confidence and ambition with a single word.


Some time ago, the agency Get Started entered in the process of rebranding and also changed its name to Luminary. This is a really interesting name because it has different meanings that represent the agency.

The word luminary means, “a person who inspires or
influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere; a natural
light-giving body, such as the moon or stars.”

According to Luminary’s Managing Director Adam Griffith, this name summarizing the key point of difference as being the longest-standing digital agency of Australia, while hitting the mark on all of their four brand pillars: real, solid, human and bright.

In the video below, the team shares how thew chose the name Luminary:

Pound & Grain


The Vancouver-headquartered Pound & Grain has a really interesting and distinctive name. “Pound” and “grain” are precise units of measurement that are used by apothecaries before: a pound was equal to about 7,000 grains. However, back in the day, these measurements depended on where you lived.

So, here is the meaning of their name: The Pound means the big-picture ideas and strategy they bring to the table. The Grain is their constant delivery of pixel-perfect experiences and performance-based results that connect people where they live and breathe today.

Mimosa Agency

Mimosa is an integrated digital creative agency specialized in branding, inbound marketing, research and consulting. According to their Director Danilo Sierra, the brand name represents the things that the team love and they loved having brunch with mimosas.

Well, we think that having brunch with mimosas would be a great inspiration for creating new ideas.



Devotion is a catchy name that represents the agency’s passionate business approach. They named the company Devotion because they believe that everyone has a passion, and that passion breeds devotion.

are a team of professionals that are devoted to delivering compelling, engaging
user experiences, finding new, inventive ways to secure customers and drive
brand loyalty, creating a fun, vibrant place to work and so on. Above all, they are
devoted to delivering results, every time. Also, they tell everyone that
“devotion is what they create.”

Due North


Melbourne-based Due North has a truly inspiring name, because it is really about heading in the right direction. Being clear on where you want to go, mapping out the most effective journey and navigating the bumps in the road as you go.

Its drawn from the team’s love of all things nature, and how
they entwine both their love of the outdoors with Due North’s business


Kota is a popular name and word in many cultures throughout the world. The agency shared that they had come across Kota name regularly as a name for a city, person or venue in their travels around India and South East Asia.

With the strong meaning of ‘The Allies’ and a name that ‘brings happiness and good fortune’, the team feels it has always been a great fit for them as individuals, the agency and the work they produce, and their values.

Considering the story behind, we can say that it totally reflects the agency’s aim of maintaining an ongoing relationship of support and growth with all of their clients which eventually leads to success and happiness for both sides. What is more,  we also think that the name of the digital agency is very memorable and easy to pronounce in many languages.


The name Isadora is, in fact, the name of the agency’s founder and President! 

Isadora Marlow-Morgan is the creative force behind the digital agency and has been active in the day to day creative operations of the business since the agency opened its doors. We like the name as it is easy to remember and reflects its founder’s energy to their creative works.


Magnani is named after it’s founder, Rudy Magnani, who headed the agency from 1985 until 2011.

As it is shared, when the firm changed ownership in 2011, people began to ask, “Will you change the name?”. The short answer is simply, “No.” The longer answer is, “Magnani,” is more than a name for the company.

The agency believes that it’s the name of their culture. And, it helps that they own the core domain (, and have been building domain authority with Google since 1996.

Redonk Marketing

Redonk Marketing creates meaningful experiences that build brands, deepen relationships and grow businesses.

We’re a reaction against the ridiculous and we’re here to make a difference.

These are the words that the team describes their aim and we can’t think of the opposite as their name and logo also support this. We don’t even mention the little joyful phrases placed at the bottom of their web page. We like that part as it also reflects the meaning of their name.

Mad Fish Digital


Portland-based Mad Fish Digital specializes in paid media, SEO, content strategy, social media, and design. Their interesting agency name has a unique story behind it:

The team found that their clients valued learning about the tactics they were executing on as much as the results they were driving. Reflecting on the “teach a person to fish” proverb, the agency felt that in the course of driving results and reaching goals for clients, they were not only providing but also empowering their clients to fish. So, they were collaborating with their clients to catch Mad Fish.

In Marketing We Trust

In Marketing We Trust agency has a name that can speak for itself but here are a few things you should hear about the story behind this meaningful name.

As the team shared, that little word “Trust” in the agency name isn’t some kind of hipster brand gimmick. In fact, they really think there can be a better breed of agency out there. According to their thoughts, you have to be honest with your clients, customers and your team to be trustworthy.


The world of digital is full of rapid change, but our relationships are here to stay.”

Based in London and New York, Propeller is a leading digital agency delivering dynamic marketing momentum for hospitality, lifestyle brands & eCommerce. The team works as an extension of your in house team, providing strategic guidance, technical support, and digital direction when you need it the most; just as their name recalls. They are cutting edge – delivering creative tech so their clients continuously move forward online to grow and convert their audiences.

Mighty Roar

Mighty Roar’s strategic approach helps clients understand the audience and their environment in the best way and this helps them identify critical points in the consumer journey.

With a simple yet clear motto, they promise their clients to make their brands powerful:

“We make mighty brands even mightier.”


The word “pack” is the abbreviation of “package” for the Pack agency. Their digital team helps start-ups and brands to reach the next stage. They offer 4 packages to their clients to reach the next level. These 4 packages include: Awareness, Consideration, Influence, and Bespoke.

However, being too generic will cause people to overlook you if you sound like every other agency out there.

Get to the heart of what you do. What’s your story?


Distinction means “a difference or contrast between similar things or people.”

The Distinction agency focuses on not creating outputs but creating outcomes. They believe great outcomes are a result of a sound approach, based on insights and experience. The digital marketing agency highlights the distinctive sides of the brands.

Descriptive names do have advantages, but distinctiveness in the eyes and minds of customers is not one of them.

The more flatly descriptive a digital agency name is, without an unexpected or creative element in it, the more easily it is confused with names of competitors.

Click Consult

The name consists of two words; “click” a short, sharp sound and “consult” seek information and advice from an expert.

These words mean different things separately but when you combine them it sounds like a call to action for businesses which are seeking consultancy about data-driven search marketing.

Creating a digital marketing agency name like by combining 2 words or parts of words is very popular today.

If the new company name is created by taking one word and part of another word or parts of two words to create a new company name, it will be easier to find a matching domain name and be able to be trademarked.

So there you have it – ideas to choose a great name for your digital marketing agency and further things you need to avoid.

We hope you find the best name to connect with your target market and stand out from the competition!

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