When you are surfing on the internet, you may accidentally type a wrong address or stumble upon a page that is no longer available.

Ordinary “404 – Page Not Found” pages leave you frustrated. However, there are some outstanding examples of 404 pages by digital marketing agencies out there.

A 404 page is a standard HTTP error message code caused by a non-existing webpage on your site. It is a must to have on the website.

It is not a happy ending for the visitor and it does not have to an ordinary page asking the visitor to try again. You can turn it into an advantage. A 404 page can be the mini showcase of what your company offers. It can be creative, playful and surprising.

We have compiled a list of the best digital agency 404 pages for your inspiration:

Massive Media

This webpage gives strong vibes of David Bowie’s Space Oddity here! Existing as the cutest 404 Error page, the witty joke of “Houston, we have a problem” tells the sense of humor that Massive Media has.

We’re assuming that the floating-on-air dog will make the users laugh and don’t want to refresh the page.

True Agency

True Agency’s 404 page is one of the cutest error pages around! Who can resist a puppy trying to climb under a table with its tiny legs?

It says, “Oh, just one of those days…” on the puppy gif, maybe pointing out those days that everything goes wrong, like the URL.


Amazingly obsessed with the sublime beach waves, RNO1 presents the error in a peaceful and serene LA-style approach.

Who knows, maybe the thing is they intend to make the visitors feel like nothing’s wrong, so keep calm, carry on and try again! 


An upset crash test dummy that hits its head on a laptop welcomes you on Tangent’s 404 page. The page says, “Fiddlesticks! Computer says NO. 404 on board.”

So, we don’t have another choice but to respect the computer’s words about the wrong URL.


Just because you want a creative 404 page doesn’t mean you have to come up with a completely innovative idea…

Luminary kept it simple but stylish. They didn’t forget to add an emoji and small touches from their logo design which makes the page catchy and directs visitors to the home page. 


The page that shows the system of a down sees a lost boy in the middle of nowhere.

Despite the detailed analysis and checking through the map with his spectacles on, the geek boy seems to have no idea where he is. We suggest the lonely boy refresh the page and to join the Crowd again!


Pound & Grain wants it fun way…

The 404 page of the agency is a great example of turning a negative experience into a fun and smart one.

The page allows visitors to learn more about the agency’s history as well as previous projects with a short and entertaining quiz, named P&G Trivia.

The Charles

What a dad joke! The old geezers from the Muppet Show, Statler and Waldorf take the stage stand over the 404 page of The Charles’ website.

After the gaze-upon-the-screen moment and some silent babbling, they start laughing out loud and we’re sure that the visitors will do the same. 

Mad Fish Digital

When a visitor reaches a 404 page, it’s nice to give them direction on what to do next.

When you come across the 404 pages of Madfish, feel free to lost yourself in the ocean as the page welcomes their visitors and helps them find their way back to the surface!

Redonk Marketing

How can you not crack a smile at such an amazing look?

Redonk knew it and they decided to make visitors smile when they experienced a problem with the page they’re looking for. 

Their 404 page calls visitors to get in touch with them and discover more about their works while they are notifying their team about the 404 error.  


This is the simplest and to-the-point, but still creative 404 page on this list. Crowdform claims that we have spent too much time on the internet today and reminding us about going out and getting some fresh air.

Emote Digital

Simple yet to the point… Emote Digital cleverly created a 404 page which can turn the lost visitors into potential customers thanks to a clear call to action.

SEO Brand

SEO Brand’s page is one of our favorite digital agency 404 pages.

They found a funny way to direct visitors to their home page. Well, as they said, you might have found Bigfoot but not the page you are looking for.

There you have it! 12 of the best creative digital agency 404 pages we’ve discovered. Get inspired by the outstanding 404 pages, make your visitors stay on your website and motivate them to continue exploring your services and projects.

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