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Content marketing is the type of marketing focusing on the creation and distribution of the content effectively so as to attract your buyer persona.

What is “content” in content marketing?

Longman Dictionary describes “content” as the information contained in a website, considered separately from the software that makes the website work.

Content is everything you can see on the website. It can be the image, video, logo, pdf, texts, charts, checklists, newsletters, etc. It is everything displayed on the website or social media channels.

Why is content the king of digital marketing?

Content marketing is the type of marketing focusing on the creation and distribution of the content effectively so as to attract your buyer persona.

It is considered to be the king of digital marketing. The main reason behind this is that content is exactly where you have the potential to attract your target audience. It is where they would decide whether they like to choose your product or service or not.

Why do you need a content marketing agency for your digital platform?

Your content on the digital platform displays who you really are. Hereby, preparing appealing content is the key to digital marketing. Also, this is why you should consult content marketing agencies who are the experts in this.

There are so many details you have to take into
consideration while preparing your content. The main colors on your logo or
website, the font and font size, the words you choose, the navigation on your
website, the image types which would affect your potential customers etc. They
all matter!

Content marketing agencies specialized in this already. They are the people who would take your concerns away with their experience. We have prepared the list of best content marketing agencies in Los Angeles who work with important brands.

Best content marketing agencies in Los Angeles:

  • RNO1
  • Vrrb
  • MaxAudience
  • Social Media 55
  • SEO Brand
  • Bookmark


RNO1 is a west coast digital experience agency with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. You can feel the sea breeze while surfing on their website. The brands they support are positioned to be purposeful and powerful while also fluid and free-forming.

As they are also doing UX design, they are a really good point of contact for your content marketing strategies. They would help you to define your buyer persona, create and distribute your content according to it. You can have a look at their website and case studies to see their work with different brands from a variety of industries.

Spring Labs, Loliware and Product Labs are just a few of their new clients.


With studios in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Hollywood, Vrrb is a digital agency planning, designing, and building user experiences for web and mobile. Driven to understand your brand, understand your users, and understand your goals, they’ll help you construct the vehicle that brings it all together.

Their dedicated client support team is at your
disposal to take care of updating your content, designing new pages, building
new features, rolling out security updates, and much more.

Vrrb’s clients include UCLA, cadence, Fuel Cycle and many more significant brands.


DIJGTAL is a unique breed of innovation-led strategists, experience designers, growth-hackers and tech nerds, with offices in Sydney, Vancouver, and Los Angeles.

They support their clients in terms of content and communication by creating authentic customer engagement with tailored delivery across a fusion of platforms for a meaningful connection.


Their passion is to help people turn their ideas into sustainable products, services and even companies. They do this by threading together deep human thinkers with highly creative souls and influential market activators to help transform your brand.


With offices in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, MaxAudience is a strategic brand and marketing consultancy with online lead generation and conversion at its core.

They create the right message to engage your prospects, send that message to the right target audience. Then, they make sure you are engaging them on the right platform at the point of the sales cycle when they are most likely to buy your product or service.

Some of their high-profile clients are Intel, Savvy Money, and Finance of America Reverse.

Social Media 55

Social Media 55 is a full-service award-winning digital marketing agency with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal.

They say at Social Media 55, they believe that “if the content is king, context is the kingdom”. Their content marketing strategy encompasses SEO, social media marketing and inbound marketing as well.

You can have a look at their case studies with JIVAGO Brands LLC and Top Maui Hotels on their website.

SEO Brand

SEO Brand is a boutique, yet global data-driven growth agency who consistently delivers 10x ROI for their clients. And, they have offices in Boston, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, and of course, Los Angeles.

If you want your audience to feel at ease, you’ll need a content marketing agency that understands the keys to clear communication and has a process to implement fast ranking content. Hereby, SEO Brand is a really nice address to consult.


They have collaborated with a lot of high-profile brands such as BMW, LG, Giorgio Armani, and Ceridian.


Bookmark is a global content and communications company. They are experts at engaging consumers, driving sales and transforming brands with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York in the USA.

They have worked with various prestigious brands including British Airways, Air Canada, Cadillac, Lufthansa, KPMG, Dyson, Walgreens, Patek Philippe, Mercedes-Benz and a lot more.

Now, you know why you need content marketing agencies and which are the best ones in Los Angeles to contact. You can check our directory if you would like to see the best digital agencies in Los Angeles for different types of services.

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