Since your success in digital marketing matters for your business’s development in the long-term, the most appropriate method will be creating an effective brand strategy.

Once you get a consultation from a branding agency, you can develop a strong and creative strategy as well as many other advantages for your business.

What is branding and how can you have a creative strategy?

First of all, a creative strategy can mean much more than you think about your business.

In a brief definition, we can say that your brand strategy will be your plan on how to manage your business, shape and grow your brand.

Whatever your business focuses on, your brand strategy always needs new opportunities, and it is possible with the right usage of digital media.

Let’s dive into the endless imagination. Your brand is not just your logo or slogan, it’s all of your business along with your customers’ experience.

What are the top branding agencies in Sydney?

Knowing that digital channel management is in the heart of marketing, you should support your business with a creative brand strategy. During that time, a professional branding agency can follow the situation of your strategy and can suggest to change it if necessary.

We have compiled the best branding agencies in Sydney below. Hereby, you can get an idea of how to create a creative strategy from the experts.

Frank Digital

Frank Digital is an award-winning digital agency that accelerates digital transformation for Australia’s leading companies and brands.

They combine strategy, creative and technology so as to lead to successful digital experiences across all channels and devices. Moreover, they merge the end-to-end capabilities of a large agency with the approach of a nimble independent.

They are more than just a specialist, everyone at Frank is an expert. And also, they have all-senior team members who allow them to provide a high-level operation. If you partner with them as your branding agency, they will bring great value to your brand reputation.


DIJGTAL comprises of a unique breed of innovation-led strategists, experience designers, growth-hackers and tech nerds with offices in Sydney, Vancouver, and Los Angeles.

They have a passion for helping people turn their ideas into sustainable products and services and even companies. Likewise, you can let them build your business by using the strategy as an artform to create successful experiences.


We can see their mural of understanding, thinking, planning, executing and then delivering with a branding case study they generated with YOUniverse (formerly known as Sherpa Systems). They had a desire to start fresh and re-introduce themselves to their market.

With this aim, they engaged DIJGTAL to come up with a new brand name and develop their new identity. In the and, they managed to roll out their new brand in 2017, and accompanied it with brand awareness and customer acquisition marketing campaign led by DIJGTAL.

Emote Digital

Emote Digital delivers integrated solutions with beautiful results since 2001 with in-house WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify and digital marketing services. As your partner agency, they can work with you to refine ideas into functional and actionable plans.

Their team comprises of designers, writers, strategists, people-people and marketing experts who love to create, collaborate, and do what they do best. Plus, they can help you discover, define and activate your branding strategy.

With a collaborative organization, they can provide you a customised strategic approach with endless benefits for your brand.


SLIK is a digitally-driven agency that crafts innovative experiences, products and campaigns for brands looking to make an impact. Being an independent creative technology agency, they have unique backgrounds and experiences ensuring all their digital work has a human heart.

As a digitally-driven agency, they drive ambitious brands towards digital greatness. Let them create you a carefully considered brand journey whether it’s online, in-store or at 35,000 feet in the air.


Deepend consists of strategic design consultants who are experts in digital experience and product development.

They are here to help you squeeze every last shred of value out of your digital road-map by designing better platforms, processes, and experiences. Thereby, they can create original strategies and campaigns for your brand, with the best consultant.

Through the endless channels of media and technology, they can also offer the simple brilliance and clarity of a great idea.


Adcreators is a full-service marketing and communications agency delivering 365-day thinking. Sydney-based Adcreators can be your trusted branding agency by advising, supporting and truly caring for building your brand.


With a collaborative approach, they can deliver an effective performance. With the intent of building a successful brand strategy, they can develop your business in many ways. They can help you consider your goals, identify your audience, research your market, develop your message and shape your identity.

“We Build Australia” approached Adcreators to update their brand in a highly competitive and ever-evolving industry. So, with this partnership, they created a great branding strategy that encouraged lead generation.

We Discover

We Discover is a customer-centered research digital product and services agency. They focus on creating experiences by using their design thinking and lean frameworks.

You can collaborate with them to get the fastest possible route to create a successful branding campaign.

They offer services ranging from customer research, user testing, strategy, rapid experimentation, digital marketing and design, and delivery solutions. Whether it’s a property, financial institutions, or startups, they can be the agency you will need to develop a creative brand strategy.

Where does the creative process stand?

Well, we all know that any business in the market has competitors. And in any industry, we, as a consumer, choose the brands that inspire us with its creative strategy.

You might unite the power of your know-how on your business and sparkling ideas of your branding agency in order to succeed in a long-term period by inspiring your audience.

In the meantime, humanity is an essential aspect when it comes to telling your brand’s story. Therefore, you can adopt the creative strategy as an intentional and strategic approach to develop and implement steps for your business’s growth.

So, don’t afraid to be different and let your branding agency spread the power of creativity by building a unique strategy for your brand.

In light of the list we have shared above, you can now decide on your branding agency. On the other hand, there are many opportunities with various services of agencies ranging according to your needs. If you want to explore more about other focuses of agencies, you may also discover our list of the best digital agencies in Sydney.

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