Having a website is crucial for businesses because it creates your company’s online presence and allows you to market your business online. But, how can you build a properly designed and professional-looking website? Getting help from a web design agency may be one of the first ideas that come to mind. So, we have listed the best web design agencies in Toronto for you.

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to discover the top web design agencies and check out their inspiring
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1. Major Tom

Major Tom is a full-service agency in Toronto that provides custom web development services. Their team of experts builds efficient platforms that are tailored to the client’s needs.

The bakery chain COBS Bread wanted to update their digital presence and engage their customers better. So, Major Tom update their website and create an amazing digital experience. The new website has helped to attract +40% year-on-year traffic with +30% spike in new users since its launch.


2. Crowd

Crowd is also a top digital agency in Toronto that provides web design services. The experienced team of Crowd focuses on clients’ needs to design their websites.

Amoena – the leading mastectomy care brand collaborated with Crowd for a campaign named ‘Supporting Confidence’. So, Crowd built a platform to take those affected by breast cancer on an explorative journey. This campaign drove 1.2 million engagements from our target audience and significantly raised Amoena’s international profile in the process.


3. Search & Gather

Toronto-based Search & Gather is an experienced agency in
helping startups to grow. They are focused on creating responsive and elegant
landing page designs. Search & Gather’s custom landing pages successfully
drive online conversions and improve their clients’ conversion funnel.

Their landing page design for the designer Amy Migicovsky is a lovely example from their inspiring portfolio. This simple and colorful page is a successful project that converted traffic to sales.


4. Bookmark

Bookmark is another top marketing company in Toronto because
they are experts at engaging consumers, driving sales and transforming brands

Air Canada collaborated with Bookmark for a gamified loyalty platform named “Earn Your Wings” that engages and rewards loyalty members when booking flights. This successful project has won seven loyalty and gamification awards and has consistently resulted in a 500% to 800% return on investment for each edition. In 2018, Air Canada’s program saw a 41% increase in registrants.


5. Brand & Mortar

Headquartered in Toronto, Brand & Mortar is an award-winning
full-service marketing agency. Brand & Mortar creates unique websites that
deliver results.

One of these websites is their project for the influencer marketing platform BiiZ. They redesigned BiiZ’s website to be more engaging and developed it to maximize SEO. As a result, they saw a 200% increase in site traffic, which is above the client’s expectations!


6. Pound & Grain

Toronto and Vancouver based digital agency Pound & Grain delivers successful results with high-level strategy and creative thinking. They bring ideas to life with design experiences, making brands happier. They can help you carry the message to the right audience with their marketing strategies.

BigSteelBox approached them to make a complete redesign of their website. Customers had trouble finding the correct information on pricing. They solved the problem by focusing on the redesign. Finally, they reached a great result with a user-centric website.


7. Reflektor Digital

Award-winning creative agency Reflektor Digital specializes in digital design, development and interactive experiences. Their practical idealist team also produces cinematic and emotionally engaging work. You can benefit from their collaborative work that makes sense for your audience.

For example, Spy Films partnered with them to create a website design with the aim of showcasing their various projects. As a consequence, the user can easily find a director’s work by clicking on their individual page.


8. Pixelpusher

Toronto based digital production agency Pixelpusher has 17 years of experience. In addition, they specialize in design consultancy with a team experienced in design and its practical application.

They created a custom-built website for Mosaic using clever videos and interaction. According to the need, the newly designed website was well received by clients and the public.



KRFTWRK is a product marketing agency focusing on high-quality design prototypes & marketing process. As a professional digital design and marketing company, they are dedicated to driving change. You can get rapid prototyping and growth marketing tactics from them.

Fusion Pharmaceuticals wanted a website that reflects the complex science behind their project with a colourful and clear copy as well as interactive visuals. So, KRFTWRK helped them by adding movement and clickable elements to each page.


So, we have gathered 5 web design agencies in Toronto for everyone looking for a great company to work with. Also, we have selected some of their successful projects to make your selection process easier. Hopefully, our guide helps you to choose an amazing agency for your company.

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