Creating a brand story and making a connection with your customers are not the only goals of content marketing. It is also about gaining the trust of your audience. Here’re some essential tips to consider, if you want to build trust with your customers when creating a content marketing strategy.

Earn trust, earn trust, earn trust. Then you can worry about the rest.

– Seth Godin

Digital marketing agencies need to do everything in their power to get prospects to have faith in them, one wrong move and it’s gone.

Content marketing is at the
heart of brand-customer interactions. While good content can build strong
relationships with potential customers, mediocre content can make prospects run
away for good. Agencies have a tough job at hand – marketing to marketers is no
piece of cake.

Wondering how
to use content marketing to create a good reputation for your agency? Read on
to learn all about it:

1. Create Quality Benchmarks

benchmarking is about studying the best content on the internet and setting
that as a reference for the team. Every agency is creating content but the
results always differ, WHY? Quality creates respect among the audience and
ensures they come back for more.

Quality content is honest, clear, and serves no hidden agendas. The audience is smart and will see right through content that pretends to be one thing but is actually a veiled attempt at generating transactions.

Scott Berinato, senior editor, Harvard Business Review

content should be a combination of education and entertainment – every piece of
content should pass this test. You can create higher standards for better
content performance.

2. Share Your Achievements

Everybody likes a winner. Sharing
successes is a great way to inspire and impress the audience. Take a look at
this post from Backlinko’s Brian Dean,
sharing his experience of website traffic growth.

From “Got
featured in XYZ publication” to
“Winner of ABC award”,
every achievement you share, builds social currency.

Also, it’s vital to prove you’re good before clients can rely on your services.

RNO1 Agency’s About page

3. Display Expertise

Creating actionable content targeted at marketers and business owners is the best way to showcase expertise. A good content marketing strategy is to focus your efforts on one content format: blog posts, podcasts, videos, or visual content.

case studies is another worthy technique to show your prospects how you have
helped clients achieve the desired results.

Publishing content on your own
website and blog isn’t sufficient – digital agencies need to go out there and
publish content everywhere.

  • Pitch and earn guest posts on high-authority websites. Create infographics to get more links and content shares.
  • Reach out to journalists on platforms like HARO and SourceBottle to get press mentions in reputed news outlets.

Involve industry experts in the content you’re writing. Including them in your content gives it more credibility, plus it’ll get you buy-in from them when you’re going to promote the content piece. In most cases, they’ll help you promote it,

says Steven Van Vessum, VP of Community at ContentKing.

  • Post content on vibrant communities like Quora and Medium.
  • Publish helpful articles on LinkedIn and build your personal brand on the professional networking platform.
  • Create mega-guides like this one from UpLead to help the audience learn everything about a topic.

Clients are looking for agencies who
can tell them what to do – content helps you show you’re worth.

4. Giveaway Resources

Free tools,
templates, courses, and ebooks can do wonders in helping agencies to strengthen
relationships with potential customers. Here are some useful giveaway types:

  • Marketing plan templates
  • Website grading and auditing tools
  • Guest posting site lists
  • Marketing guides and courses
  • Webinars and video series

5. Find a Unique Voice

originality matters – helps break the clutter and makes content more memorable.
Find a voice that speaks to the audience and builds an emotional connection
with them. A voice lends a distinct flavour to branded content. You can make it
quirky and fun-filled or formal and straightforward.

You can try to mimic what others are doing but until you actually do it, you’re not going to be good at it.

– Gini Dietrich

There is a lot of content out there
and there is a huge temptation for businesses to take the easier route and
follow others. Content marketing is not a trick to get quick search rankings
and sales.

Creating authentic content paves the
way for agencies to carve strong and long-term customer relationships. It helps
build a loyal audience that not just engages and shares your content but also
becomes a source of recurring business.

6. Enhance User Experience

Creating content is a way to improve the experience of prospects and turn them into evangelists. You can delve deeper into audience preferences, for instance, and provide them with personalized content.

According to 2017 Personalization Development Study of Monetate, 79% percent of organizations said they exceeded revenue goals as a result of their documented personalization strategy.

helps businesses to make the audience feel special. Evaluate each content
channel to delight the audience with something remarkable – a piece of
communication that brings a smile to their faces.

Memorable experiences are a hallmark of trust and that’s why they are so vital to your agency’s content marketing strategy efforts.

7. Build a Community

The word ‘community’ epitomizes
a feeling of belongingness – a platform where members help and benefit each
other. The internet and social media provide businesses with the opportunity to
create communities among their audience.

For example, Facebook Ad Hacks is a Facebook group of over 120k+ Facebook marketers.  Besides helping build a reputed brand, a community helps gather valuable insights about the pain points of the target audience. A community mindset helps an agency to become the enabler of fruitful conversations and come across as a problem solver.

8. Be Persistent

trust demands persistence – content marketing is a promise to keep coming back
with stuff that the audience values.

  • Keep the audience entertained by spicing up your content using GIFs, memes, infographics, polls, and quizzes.
  • Keep in touch with prospects by sharing content on your social media pages and in a newsletter.
  • Reply to comments on blog posts and social updates.

Having a
regular publishing schedule is the key for moving up the authority ladder and
in Google SERPs.

trust is essential for getting recurring conversions for your agency business.
Content provides a non-intrusive way to get in touch with potential customers
and convert them into lifelong loyalists.

Content marketing strategy is a great way to share knowledge and let the audience know you care for them. Make your content stand out and be persistent for the best business outcomes.

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