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We’re in a high-speed online era. For brands who want to reach their audience with memorable and quick stories is easier than ever. Companies following YouTube video trends don’t need astronomical budgets or massive production teams to shot a video thanks to the affordable video creation technology and cost-effective distribution systems.

Ignoring the power of online videos is a big mistake and even if you’re a new brand and don’t use video as a part of the marketing strategy, you miss a great opportunity. Because 33% of the internet activity is spent watching video content and YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine.

Why is video important and why your brand should be on YouTube?

After viewing a video, 75% of the users visit a brand’s website. 4 out of 5 people remembers the ad and 64% of them purchase a product after watching related video. Younger generation likes to watch videos from their mobile devices. If you’re on YouTube, you have a chance to attract them.

According to Pew Research Center’s survey results, 94% of the 18-24 years old Americans use YouTube every day. As mobile devices have gained so much attention, 50% of YouTube traffic now officially comes from mobile.

Apart from that, if you want to build deeper connections with your audience, again YouTube is the most suitable platform. You can access, connect and grow your core audience base with it. Moreover, people visit YouTube intentionally to watch both short and long-form videos.

The platform is the best place to test longer form of programming such as TV shows or other content which have a life beyond YouTube. With trustworthy monetization options, the platform wants publishers to move into video production by offering 45%/55% ad revenue split and direct-sell option in videos.

If your brand wants to build an engaged YouTube community and interact with you, producing consistent video content is important. You should put simplicity, uniqueness into your videos’ core and you need to publish them timely. Viral videos can help you to increase exposure and acquire more traffic.

The video is one of the most powerful ways to capture the audience’s attention. It’s more effective than Instagram or Facebook photos as it contains both visuals and audio.

Some of the heavy hitter companies using YouTube video trends successfully:


Apple makes so many celebrity collaborations to promote its new products and every time they tell a story. In 4 minutes long short film starring FKA Twigs and directed by Spike Jonze “HomePod – Welcome Home”, the tech giant Apple promotes its smart home speaker HomePod with an ever-changing colorful atmosphere and catchy dance moves. Apple uses its YouTube channel straightforwardly for promotional purpose, archive special events or announcements and republishes the longer product-related videos from its website.


Nike is YouTube’s king. They are making the best ads in the sports business and have millions of viewers and thousands of subscribers. They create original YouTube series as a part of their marketing campaigns. The tagline “Just Do It” is always at the center of its ads. “Dream Crazy” campaign is full of world famous athletes and players who have overcome so many hardships to become who they are today. Nike calls everyone to dream big. The brand believes there is no unachievable dream for people if they really want to achieve.


Adidas combines nostalgia with the transformative power of sport in its marketing campaigns. On its YouTube channel, there is a lot of football content. Brand’s FIFA World Cup 2018 campaign “Creativity is the Answer” is one of them. Top class players like Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba and former player Zinedine Zidane and Nike creators gather to create an answer in this ad and creativity goes beyond the pitch. Adidas wants to draw the interest of football fans, and turn their love of the game into long-term loyalty for the brand.


Personal care and beauty stores Sephora publishes beauty tricks and tips on its YouTube channel which has boasting 1,114,586 subscribers. The brand collaborates with some of the most popular YouTube beauty artists. You can follow the latest makeup trends and products supported by both educational and entertaining tutorials to achieve a certain look. Sephora attaches links to the makeup products in the description box below the video to generate traffic and sales.


The Christmas time is so close, and Coca-Cola highlights its new year campaign on their YouTube channel. As the world becoming more and more divided, Coca-Cola calls people to make the world a better place and share the happiness in the “Christmas 2018” ad campaign. The campaign supported by #BeSanta hashtag on social media platforms. Coca-Cola always uses its YouTube channel creatively for promotional campaigns.


PEPSI’s YouTube channel contains different playlist from campaign videos to cocktail recipes. “What Would You Do For Cyrstal Pepsi” is the company’s new ad campaign motto for its renewed and transparent colored product Cyrstal Pepsi. In this campaign, Pepsi asks YouTubers and fans about what they’d do for Pepsi and invites them to a challenge for winning free Crystal Pepsi. The brand interacts with its audience while promoting their products.


Gaming videos is a rising YouTube trend, and it also seems to continue its leadership in the next years. The console giant PlayStation’s YouTube channel is full of the best gaming video examples. Gamers can find thousands of upcoming and dated game launch trailers and game-play videos on Playstation’s YouTube. Battlefield V’s trailer is one of them. The longtime expected game takes players back into World War 2’s chaotic atmosphere with unique graphics and multiplayer modes up to 64 players.


GEICO is not a retailer company but company’s use of YouTube is unique. They’re known for it’s creative, humorous campaigns. “Longest Goal Celebration Ever” campaign is one of them. In this short commercial, we see a soccer player who celebrates his game-winning goal with a never-ending slide. The company promotes 15% online discount in this ad. They use entertaining videos that have a strong potential to go viral.

How-to videos, 360° videos, gaming videos, and live streaming videos are 2018’s top 4 trends of YouTube.

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