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Have you ever think of expanding your business with a mobile app? Even if you don’t have experience in coding, you can still build an app with the help of an in-house developer or an external digital agency. If you are a startup and can’t afford the cost of a full-blown app, another option is to choose one of the best app building websites.

In recent years, the app market is on the rise. We use many business apps in our daily life. Finding the best app making software is the easiest way to enter the mobile app market. The costs are also quite lower compared to work with a mobile app developer or an external company.

There is no programming knowledge or experience required because app makers of app building websites allow non-coders to design their apps with pre-coded drag-and-drop style visual interfaces. You can also select a theme, color patterns, and designs to create your business app.

After you finish your mobile app, you can promote it on Apple’s AppStore or Android’s Google Play platforms. If you want to place your app on the AppStore, you’ll have to create a publisher account, submit it yourself and pay the publishing fee.

Your app is expected to meet some criteria such as technical, content and design. 

When you’re about to publish the app on Android, this user guide can be helpful, too. 

Many app builder websites also will guide you through the process. Publishing paid-for applications in Apple’s App Store has a yearly cost of 99 dollars, while Google Play has a one-time fee of 25 dollars.

What are the benefits of templated apps?

The most important advantage of templated apps is the ability to design and launch a fully-functioned app in a little time with no coding experience. Of course app building websites have monthly and yearly fees to maintain the app on their servers, but you can also control all of the creative process avoiding an entire development operation cost.

All of the best app building websites create apps with mobile-friendly HTML5 codes, but if you want a native Android or iOS app, we advise you to hire a company that can make an app for you from scratch instead of using an app building software.

Here are the best 8 app building websites we have compiled for you:

Anyone can create a stunning apps or games in 3 simple steps with Appy Pie. It has lots of useful features such as ready to use templates and user-friendly drag and drop interface. Various price plans are available.

Its basic service is free but you can only create apps and games compatible with HTML5. Appy Pie has its own marketplace.  Besides, you can easily publish your app to App Store or Google Play.

AppMachine is a codeless way to building a mobile app for businesses by using the platform’s visual interface. To create HTML5 or native mobile apps, there are number of pre-coded “building blocks”, 15 navigation templates and other design options.

You can either scan your pre-existing site to import Facebook, Twitter accounts, YouTube videos, pictures and RSS feeds or build your app from scratch. Any kind of app can be created with AppMachine. You can manage data and images with its own CMS.

Bizness Apps is a solution to make a mobile web or native app for your business without any knowledge of programming. You can scan your website content or use pre-made designs, hundreds of templates, features, and different styles.

It’s possible to build apps for events, restaurants and venues with tutorial videos. You can also track statistics and data usage when you integrate your mailing list with Bizness Apps and provide discounts to your customers.

Appery is the first 100% cloud-based rapid enterprise app development platform. The award-winning platform has a rich catalog of API plug-ins which simplifies the integration between cloud services and enterprise systems.

You can create iOS, Android or cross-platform apps for with Appery’s JavaScript support. It has both pre-built themes and source code editing options.

With BuidFire’s “click-and-edit” platform you can create HTML5 apps. It’s free for up to 200 web app installs and 1.000 visits per month.

The platform is ideal for small business internal apps, but publishing cost doesn’t include when you want to publish your app in the App Store. It uses SMART Push and Selective Push technologies to ensure your content and notifications reach 90% read rate.


If you are a small or medium enterprise, you can benefit from 30 days trial available Fliplet’s various pre-coded features including marketing, sales, project management, promotion, reporting, and many others.

You can publish your app internally by using Fliplet Viewer application. External PDFs or website can also link to apps. You can easily navigate between them to customize.

ShoutEm offers an easy drag-and-drop user interface for creating mobile apps. With its higher-priced plans, you can create native apps for iOS, Android and iPad.

There are no additional publishing fees, updates or upgrades but you can use its basic plan for only HTML5 based web apps. It has also options for coding, custom modules and page layouts.

MobileRoadie has a cloud-based technology and supports geolocation for mobile apps. You can manage targeted marketing campaigns depending on user location. The platform has strong sales possibility as a result of a mailing list, e-store and QR scanners integration.

MobilRoadie’s price is little bit higher than its competitors, but you can get the geo-targeted push notification with its all native apps. Clients include the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Universal Pictures, Arizona Department of Health Services, Jacksonville Airport, the San Diego Gulls, Tupperware, the Aspen Ideas Festival, and Harvard University.

With our list, you can choose the best of the best app building website for you by considering your needs and compare them with each other in terms of utilities and pricing.

Here you can find some design inspiration to develop mobile app websites


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