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It’s hard to imagine a single digital marketer out there who doesn’t understand that content is king. After all, users browse the Internet in search of quality content and only the most proficient authors can get the foot in the door and drive enough website traffic. Therefore, more and more writers and editors are searching for the best writing tools available.

This is, of course, a difficult job because your writing skills have to be very good, while your topics always need to be interesting and up to date. Besides that, the competition is extremely harsh as reports suggest that online writers publish over four million blog posts every day.

Digital marketing is obviously not just a matter of quality but also a matter of consistency. However, doing everything single-handedly is almost impossible. So, you should use online apps and platforms to ensure the long-term sustainability of your content creation plan.

Our job is to help you with that, so keep reading to learn about the five best writing tools for digital marketers. Let’s take a look!

1. Blog Post Idea Generator

We mentioned that marketers were struggling to come up with interesting topics week after week. It’s a big issue because readers demand a constant influx of articles, so they will switch to another website in case you don’t publish posts regularly. This is where Blog Post Idea Generator steps in to save your day.

Just like the name suggests, this platform assists digital marketers in finding precious ideas for new blog posts. Jake Gardner, a content creator at Assignmentgeek essay help, recommends Idea Generator because it’s user-friendly and simple: “You only need to enter keywords in the search box and this tool will show display dozens of topic suggestions.”

For instance, we
entered the phrase “content creation” and here’s what Blog Post Idea Generator
came up with:

  • How Content Creation Impacts the Lives of Others
  • The Best Guidance For Content Creation You’ve Ever Heard
  • The 5 Most Valuable SlideShares About Content Creation

These are only a few ideas, but it’s enough for you to get the point. Therefore, make sure to use the Blog Post Idea Generator if you lack writing materials or deal with creative drought.

2. Google Keyword Planner

As a digital marketer, you know that keywords are essential components of every article. Keywords are terms or phrases which help search engines to identify, index, and classify website content. As 93% of all traffic comes from a search engine, you definitely need an authoritative keyword tool to ensure a higher ranking.

Google Keyword Planner is one of the best platforms in this field for a number of reasons, but two features make it particularly important:


–          It
is Google’s native platform, which means you can count on ultra-precise data
coming from the largest search engine in the world.

–          It
is free of charge, which means you can use it however you want and whenever you

The tool is easy to
use since all you have to do is enter the targeted keyword or search phrase.
Google Keyword Planner will immediately show you a whole list of search terms,
synonyms, and longtail keywords that you can choose from.

3. Grammarly

Publishing articles before editing is probably the biggest mistake a digital marketer could do. We know it can be annoying and time-consuming to check every document for grammar or spelling errors. But, think about the consequences for a moment. Namely, even a small mistake can completely ruin your reputation and professional authority.

This is exactly why most authors rely on digital proofreading tools such as Grammarly. It is by far the most popular content editing platform with millions of users all over the world. Grammarly functions as a web browser plugin, so you just need to launch it and paste the text for proofreading. The platform will inspect the content within seconds and highlight every spelling or grammar issue.

You can use it free of charge, but the premium version comes with additional features that give you suggestions related to intricate lines, style, and many more. In case you want to test more options, we suggest checking out services like Essayuniverse, coursework writing service, or Hemingway App.

4. Canva

Online writers
cannot rely on textual content exclusively. The year is 2019 and you need to
mix the content, use different formats, and make your posts more versatile and
entertaining. But in order to do so, you need a quality tool to help you with
the making of visual content.

Canva is widely recognized as a powerful content creation tool that suits the needs of both first-time users and professional designers. What makes this platform so interesting?

It is mostly the
fact that Canva offers a broad portfolio of beautiful templates. You can find
it all there, from charts and presentations to brochures and infographics. But
we are not talking about fixed templates here since Canva allows you to play
with almost every element and customize designs based on your own preferences.

The tool gives you
thousands or ready-made templates free of charge, but you can take a 30-day
trial to check out the pro version as well. The premium package gives you even
more customization possibilities, so you can craft standout visuals for your

5. Upwork

The last item on our list is not a classical content creation tool, but rather an outsourcing network ideal for marketers who just can’t handle all duties single-handedly. We are talking about Upwork, the largest freelancing platform in the world.


This network
gathers more than 15 million freelancers who specialize in everything from
physics to article writing. If you are wondering what’s in there for you, the
answer is simple – you can find and employ professional content creators in no

Every freelancer
has a unique profile with client reviews and assessments, so you can quickly
identify a person capable of writing articles for you. The hiring procedure is
smooth and simple, which makes Upwork by far the best outsourcing market for
digital marketers.

Content writing is a beautiful and versatile activity, but it can be extremely challenging if you don’t prepare well and create a long-term strategy. The job gets even harder if you are not using writing apps and platforms, so we decided to show you the five best writing tools for digital marketers.

Have you ever tried some of these tools? Do you have other valuable suggestions to share with our readers? Feel free to let us know in comments about your experiences with writing tools – we will be glad to discuss this interesting topic with you!

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